This is what you will usually get here.

My One True Love.

(Drawing by J. Abrams, Caricature Artist at Sea World)

This blog is going to be like a sponge for my spare time at work when my lesson plans are done and there is still time to fill.  I am actually feeling much better about this school year after five weeks, mostly because I am remembering how to accept the kids as they are instead of realizing how much less they have going on than years gone by.  There is a whole generation of people in the inner city that can easily be viewed as a massive waste of flesh, but that does no one any good. 

So I relax. 

I’m listening to the new KT Tunstall while I type this, it’s not as instantly accessible as her first record but still rather pleasant.

One thing I want to start on this blog?  A question a day.  Real open ended stuff, the kind of thing that used to be the basis for my classroom.  (Before the waste-of-flesh generation, obv.)  I’ll put today’s question in a new post after I get done rambling.

Tonight, you ask?  Taco Salad with Genessee Cream Ale, lots of kissing with the wife, playing cards at Hobby League at 6:30, checking to see if the Mets can keep from drowning, lots of massage with the wife, a game or two of Cribbage, then sweet dreams.

Here’s the plan.  I will also be using this blog to make a scrapbook of my peculiar mental condition, with corresponding links and a pics added with each bulging burst of my brain bursting through my fingers onto the keyboard and into your eyes.  Hold on, I’ll get a pic and a link.

The drawing is of none other than my glorious wife Nina.  We had it done by a caricature artist twelve years ago, at Sea World, on our first weekend date.  The link is for the article I managed to sneak it into… so she could finally be the superhero that she has always been to me. 

Here’s your link, for September 25th:

Thanks for hanging out with me today, I’ll see you tommorrow.

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