Last night we had a draft.


(Card by Upper Deck Entertainment, art by Georges Jeanty)

Often these posts will revolve loosely around the Trading Card Game called Vs. System.  It is cardboard paradise for those of us who adore the modern myths of comic book cosmology.

Last night we had a draft at the Hobby League of Miami, with the new Marvel Legends set.  Drafting in games like these is a total gas.  You open a sealed pack, pick one card, and pass it to the left to the left.  Then you get the pack from the person on your right and pick a second card.  Eventually that pack runs out and you open a second set of unseen weapons, picking and passing the other way.  Then a third and final pack, back to the left to the left.  Too much fun.  We did it again last night at Villains, the comic book shop a mile from my house.  It was squirrelly and scrambled, at least when it came to my deck.  I ended up with a scattered smattering of Fantastic Four and Marvel Knights.  The character abilities were pretty strong, I had two different versions of six separate characters, and managed to grab three team-ups.

Then came Mr. Sinister. 

He.  Is.  Nasty.

The best laid plans of mice and men turned to mist.  I got rocked.  We had a brand new player, and he knocked me out of contention by removing my character abilities as if he had an ink eraser.  Cool.



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2 responses to “Last night we had a draft.

  1. Tell me about it. I’ve been trying to work him into a Doom deck for some crazy disruption shenannigans.

  2. fullbodytransplant

    I really enjoyed that fact that he gave the noob a major advantage. It was one of those matches where I was teaching as much as I was playing, telling him what attack order would be best and stuff.

    Good times.

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