Mystery Pic #1.

Mystery Pic #1.

Time to start another tradition.

Guess what this photograph is.  During these contests, no Photoshopping will ever be included.  Straight shots, every time.  Each pic will get about three days of guessing.  Then I will reveal the source and the true identity of the object.

Ready… Set… Guess!


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6 responses to “Mystery Pic #1.

  1. lordoflimbo

    A Female DJ from behind, shot through a plasma ball.

  2. Aceswolf

    A rock in Roll singer.

  3. Alec

    When Inflatable Rock Concert Set-Pieces Go Wrong 2, coming soon to a local network near you.

  4. Lasok

    I’m guessing: a mental image of a Mudvayne concert while engaging in mind-expansion through organically grown fungi.

  5. A mannequin at a mall store, shot from outside.

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