Second Question of the Day.

Quantum Switching.

(Digitized Self-Portrait by me, used in Nick Herbert’s Nobel Prize presentation to illustrate quantum merging.)

There is a barrel of background information on this question inside the post under this if you want to make an educated decision…

If you could switch bodies with anyone, or any thing, what or who would you want to be?


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9 responses to “Second Question of the Day.

  1. Alec

    This one’s more difficult than it seems at first sight. I could easily say ‘Spiderman’ and be done with it, but then some niggly part of my conscience kicks in and says: “How about with a random person you wouldn’t think of, that’s done something for you, and you’ve not appreciated it?”

    After the body-swapping experience, I’d then possibly have a greater respect for what they did or still do.

    That, or just some manner of bird, so I could know what it feels like to not have any arms. And to fly, of course.

  2. fullbodytransplant

    Sometimes I want to be a cloud, just so no one can grab a hold of me.

  3. That dog/dragon thing from Neverending Story. I could fly, be fluffy, and still enjoy donuts.

    Either that or Jennifer Connelly. I won’t even go into why.

  4. whoever is the boyfriend of Han Hye-Jin, my current favorite Korean actress, hehehe.

  5. daemyann

    I’d switch bodies with myself in about 50 years,….or maybe an ant.

    Wouldn’t it be kind of cool if tiny creatures, like ants for example, unknowingly held together everything we know, maintaining reality by some random, seemingly unrelated, action like….scurrying….or eating?
    One wrong step and…

  6. fullbodytransplant

    That’s funny, I am looking back twenty years today… trying to switch with myself two decades ago in an attempt to measure how far publishing technology has come.

    The ant mind is really intriguing too. It must be nice to be such an integrated community that you never have to worry about making the wrong decision.

  7. Gotenks

    Chris Tiu! hahaha [the Filipino basketball fans know him. hehe] 😀

  8. BiG rYan

    Jesus… I always wanted to walk on water.

  9. My wife Jodi, of course. How else will I ever really know what it’s like to be her?

    I hope I’d be able to switch back after a while, but I bet she’d do almost anything to avoid being sent back into a disabled body.

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