Third Question of the Day.


(Painting of Rian as Doctor Strange by Nina.)

It really seems like magick, this self-publishing wizardry we get to pump out of our heads with these computerboxes nowadays.

How would you like the next wave of technology to revolutionize human life?


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8 responses to “Third Question of the Day.

  1. lordoflimbo

    Dude, the format for the blog keeps changing.

    :s ???

    I would want the technology to rid the world of ‘Chavs’

  2. fullbodytransplant

    Yeah, I almost want to change the skin every day.

    Prolly stick with this one, since I can pick the banner myself.

    Before technology can rid the world of ‘Chavs’, it would have to teach the rest of us what they are. Off to Google…

  3. fullbodytransplant

    Okay, I’m back.

    Those Chavs would be hilarious if they weren’t so depressing. That whole deal is the “waste of flesh” sentiment that I spoke of in the second post of this blog.

    What technology would it take to rid the world of human sheep conforming to negative stereotypes of false rebellion that they get fed through mass media?

    One time I wanted to create an aerosol that could suddenly force everyone to be themselves. Would that work?

  4. I want those cars from “The Minority Report” to be the only mode of transportation we use. Then we can:

    + Cut down on pollution
    + Talk on our cell phones while traveling without killing anyone
    + Eliminate Road Rage
    + Get rid of car and insurance payments.
    + Not have to clean up the car if your little brother barfs in it
    + Run over fewer animals

  5. the teleportation beam. (do your thing, Scottie!)

    ‘coz traffic takes up sooo much of my time…

  6. Alec

    I want a machine that fits over my door, so that when I walk through it, it automatically dresses me in clothes appropriate to where I’m going.

    It’s not really an ‘essential’ thing, but it’d save so much time in the morning.

  7. BiG rYan

    I want to carry 7000 songs in my pocket — o wait, I can already do that.

    I can die happy now.

  8. I want artists to be able to piss gasoline, but only when they choose to. If the best solution to America’s energy woes is to earn the respect and cooperation of the creative class, you’ll be able to set your own terms. “Want me to fill up your tank? Okay, show me how you’ve made the world a cooler place since last week’s visit.” And not only do you get to convince Republicans to improve the planet, you get to piss in their gas tanks — and they’ll thank you for it!

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