Fourth Question of the Day.

sentinel shirt

(That’s my Sentinel swarm shirt.  It has Longshot on the back.)

Except for bogus award ceremonies, I think we may never really know the winner of this game.

What criteria would you use to judge the “Best Human Who Ever Lived” contest?


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9 responses to “Fourth Question of the Day.

  1. it would be he/she who has inspired the most number of people ever.

    Jesus wins!

  2. fullbodytransplant

    I’m not so sure about that, he has a lot of haters.

    And some pretty awful things have been done in his name. Maybe he is the biggest loser too.


  3. I’d start my list with George W. Bush and work backwards til I hit #1.

  4. fullbodytransplant


    The Completion Backwards principle. Great album.

    Could we judge people on the music they left behind, without including the hideous stuff they did while they were making it?

  5. Alec

    I’d guess whoever made the most people happy during their life and afterwards as well. Jesus could be a runner, but heck, so could Elvis.

    Personally, I judge people on the music, as the songs they performed were mostly detached from their private life, and can be enjoyed in their own right, without any knowledge of the artist’s personal affairs.

  6. fullbodytransplant

    Very well said.

    It’s fascinating to think how powerful certain creative acts can be. The residue left behind from a human life really can change the world, especially my world. Some songs make me melt, some make me scream, some make me sick.

  7. people don’t hate Jesus.

    they may hate the institution that ‘represents’ him or the hideous acts that have been done ‘in his name’, but you cannot reasonably hate the main man himself. maybe just out of spite, hehehe.

  8. fullbodytransplant

    Very true.

    Sometimes I get caught up in all the badness that people can do to a good memory. I guess it doesn’t matter what the demons do with the name of an angel, as long as she got to fly.

  9. Allow people to donate time from their own lives in order to extend the lives of others. You’ll die a month sooner, they’ll die a month later.

    Eventually you’ll know who it is, because they’ll be the oldest person on earth. You have to be *really* cool to deserve a month of my lifespan.

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