How do you count points?


(Nina in a costume that we made, photo by a friend at

One of the brutal side effects of running a brain like this?  Constant evaluation. 

How do you cope?  When the voices are constantly asking you if you are winning the game of life?  How do you count your points?

I am firmly convinced that any alien beings who are advanced enough to visit us would also be intelligent enough to not interfere, but I bet they can also observe our energies and see the connections between us.  I am sure they would count our points differently than we do.

I like to produce creative stuff that other people can groove on.  Actually, it’s important that I can groove on it too.  All the artists, writers, musicians, dancers, and legendary personalities that have inspired me with their work in the past spur me toward this.  I aim to please, and shoot to kill.

And love.  I want to experience love as deeply and intensely as any being ever has, I think my life has been totally successful in that area, and I try to level up as often as possible.

World Champion Lover.  That’s what I am shooting for.  That’s how I count my points.

I don’t think the aliens would agree, they probably see each of us fairly equally.  Maybe some of us have large amounts of influence energy surrounding our names, maybe not.  I know it doesn’t matter.  If I count the points, and put myself in the Hall of Fame, and experience my championship moments fully, then I really did accomplish it.

Speaking of accomplishments that can’t be measured, here’s your link.  This is a string of words that amazes me every time I click it.  Very obscure, but as brilliant as any thing ever:

How will we ever wait another month for Halloween?  Celebrate it every day, obviously.

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