Yesterday’s Shoes: The Project.


Yesterday’s Shoes. 

I will be changing the header on this blog quite often, using Photoshop to alter the image slightly.  Then I will tell you how I did it.  First days first.

I painted the shoes with Liquitex soft-body acrylics.  They are sitting on a maroon pillow on the gold couch.  They are Reebok Classics.  I used the “Liquify” function to swell the toes slightly in the first image, since it distorted a bit when I stretched it to 770 by 200 pixels to fit.  Next time I will explain the smoky swirls that are in today’s header.  After a year of this, with at least 300 incarnations, I will print out each header and glue them all together into a giant strip of trippy eye candy.  Like taffy.


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4 responses to “Yesterday’s Shoes: The Project.

  1. Alec

    I hear Americans talk about taffy a lot…but I have no idea what it actually is…

    And can you imagine a world without Photoshop?

  2. fullbodytransplant

    Taffy is soft stretchy candy usually fruit flavored, kinda like caramel without the milk. Often the color of the flavor added will swirl into the body of the candy, sometimes it is stretched into six-inch wide flat thin ribbons with pretty stripes.

    I majored in photography and my early teaching career focused on 35mm film cameras, so I am from a world without Photoshop. Seems like ancient history.

  3. Alec

    Are those sort of methods still used today, or has it all gone over to digital editing, no questions asked? It seems a shame that something that worked for so long is overtaken by the click of a mouse.

    Yes, hypocrite mode is on whilst I’m using the amazing power of the Inter-Web.

  4. Alec

    …and thanks for the taffy explanation. I shall endeavour to track some down when I have a bit of spare cash for importing.

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