Mystery Pic #5


This one comes with a hint.  It is the first place Nina and I want to visit, if we ever get to Europe.



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6 responses to “Mystery Pic #5

  1. MattyO

    The church of the bones in Prague, Czech Republic!!!

    What do I win?!

  2. fullbodytransplant

    Nina and I will buy you dinner and ale. Lots of ale.


  3. lordoflimbo

    Hmm, how comes you get an avatar?

    Are we not special enough? 😦

    Hehe, ale.

  4. Alec

    No! You beat me to it! It’s a spectacular place, along with the rest of Prague. As evidenced by my answer to the question below.

  5. fullbodytransplant

    I don’t know about the avatar, it had a place to use one and I took advantage.

    We should all meet in Prague in three years.

  6. Alec

    That’s a nice idea. I’d love to go back, and my University course would be over by then, so I’d have free time and money.

    Who knows, by then, I may even have someone to use the Charles Bridge with. 😉

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