Yesterday’s Shoes II


Yesterday’s Shoes.

That was the second day of this ride, and the smoky swirls are created with a Photoshop filter called “Plastic Wrap”.  It can be found in the “Artistic” tab within the “Filter” tab. 

Before you do anything with filters on an image, you should duplicate the layer you are working on.  That way you can use the eraser to bring details back up to the top if you need to.  In this case, the eyeball/soul spot/cherry toe on the shoes got covered up a bit by the smoky plastic wrap and I needed to erase through the top layer to show it again.

Enjoy today’s change of shoes, I will see you back here tommorrow for the tricks that made it pop.


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6 responses to “Yesterday’s Shoes II

  1. lordoflimbo

    The original picture, from the day before yesterday, are they photoshopped too?

    Or are they real shoes?

    If so, WHERE can I buy them?

  2. fullbodytransplant

    Those are real shoes, I painted them myself.

    What size (American) do you wear?

  3. lordoflimbo

    Pffft…no idea.

    11 UK….let me see US 12 according to my shoes

  4. fullbodytransplant

    Those are American 11’s, the next time I am at the shop I will look for 12’s.

    Same colours?

  5. lordoflimbo

    Of course :p

    What shop would that be?

  6. fullbodytransplant

    There is a sporting goods store down the road called Sports Authority, I drive past every couple days. I buy them white, and then whip up a storm.

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