Seventh Question of the Day.


(Photo by Stanislav Peska, courtesy

Straight to the question.

What is your favorite thing that starts all over every year?


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6 responses to “Seventh Question of the Day.

  1. Gotenks

    My laziness towards school work… 😀 haha

  2. lordoflimbo

    My Birthday, if that is allowed.

    Or the Tour De’ France

  3. fullbodytransplant

    Everything is allowed here.

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Summer movie season. Studios unload the big guns. Of course, most end up living well below the hype, but there are always a few cool surpises.

  5. shamilton777

    NFL Baby. My Pats might pull off the 19-0 this year, too.

  6. Alec

    The end of Christmas/New Year, when I go back home and I no longer have to spend an entire fortnight pretending to be happy to spend time with family I don’t get on with.

    And as it’s getting to the annual stage now, seeing Ellen. She always lights up my year.

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