Soul Kitchen.


This is the art I live with in my kitchen every day.  The chairs were painted by Nina, the playmats won by me.  The print on the wall is our mullet-eating high-flying neighbor.  We watch the ospreys fishing in the lake every day, and sometimes they hover over the balcony and Skreee!


Filed under Art I live with.

4 responses to “Soul Kitchen.

  1. shamilton777

    I do like the sunglass shelf. One of the many perks of living in Florida I guess.

  2. The ospreys attack your hidden area!? I hope you have a cloak on…

  3. Alec

    I’m not normally a fan of hand-painted chair designs, but those actually look quite nice.

  4. fullbodytransplant

    Nina always makes sure I cover my hidden area before I go out on the balcony (because it would all hang out if she didn’t) and yet the ospreys still Skreee!


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