Yesterday’s Shoes III


Yesterday’s shoes.

The exploding blocks are a Photoshop filter called Extrude.  You can find it in the Filter menu, inside the Stylize menu.  Personally, I like to make the blocks small and long like that, those are 6 size, 60 deep, level-based.  I duplicated the layer and erased back down to the Plastic Wrap effect on the left shoe and in the middle.

Starting today, I will add a bit of critique to the process.  There is a dark line that runs straight across the image horizontally.  It should have been taken out somehow.  If I were to fix it, I would zoom in and paint the pixels to match the colors beside them.  There is an eyedropper tool in Photoshop that allows you to pick any color in the image by clicking on an area.  I would pick the color above or below the dark line and then fill the line areas with the paint bucket tool, or tap a few colors into the dark line with the paintbrush tool.  Alternatively, for a quicker easier fix, the smudge tool could be used close up to smear the line into the areas above and below it.

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