#4 Pic Revealed



I see what he did there.  No, actually, I don’t.  The fourth mystery pic was a message in a bottle.  I fished it out of the lake and got really excited.  Then I opened it and tried to deciper the poorly formed transmission.  I still don’t quite understand what “Joey & the Darklord” are trying to say.  Do you?


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4 responses to “#4 Pic Revealed

  1. Alec

    Maybe it’s ‘Decklord’ and it’s coincidentally from another CCG player?

    (It looks like d-c-k at the start of the name)

  2. fullbodytransplant

    That does open some interesting possibilities.

  3. Daemyann

    It’s a message from a non-native English speaking Asian, who has adopted the English name “Joey” for the purposes of an English class he’s taking. The “dolklord” is spelled as such (phonetically) because of the common confusion of the letters “L” and “R”, and because the soft “a” sound in “Darklord” is closer to an “o” than a hard “a” sound.

    They, and many others, wrote bottle letters aimed at practicing their English as well as inspiring whomever they reached. Judging from the writing and it’s religious overtones, the author is a 6-9 year old, and is from The Philippines, Japan, South Korea or Hong Kong. (strongest Judeo-Christian influence)

    How it got from there to you is incredibly interesting.

  4. fullbodytransplant

    That has to be the most fascinating comment yet.

    I was disappointed with the message when I opened the bottle. (Actually I had to break it.)

    Now I am satisfied. Things always work out well.

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