Mystery Pic #6


The visual volume on this one is turned up to ear-splitting levels, shade your eyes and guess.


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8 responses to “Mystery Pic #6

  1. Alec

    It’s one of those little ‘houses’ that you can buy/make for decoration, except obviously, rather trippily-coloured.

  2. Daemyann

    For me, it’s a colourful handmade jewelery box (adorned with various vibrant faux-jewels and plastic trinkets), the photo of which was taken upside down.

  3. lordoflimbo

    Did you decorate your room with vitamin supliments again stu?

  4. Lurking Evil

    I have no idea what that is, stu. I just wanted to tell you to come up to Toronto next year for the Nuit Blanche. Wandering the city all night and stumbling upon cool art installations sounds right in your wheelhouse. Even I found it awesome, and my soul died years ago.

  5. fullbodytransplant

    We are so there. With bells on. Keep in touch as the time draws near, we shall party.

  6. It’s the world’s most decorated version of Boggle, but upside-down.

  7. dschneider

    Thought process:
    I have no idea what that is, but I want a hi-res version for my wallpaper.
    *click* Oooh, here’s hi-res.
    *gasp* Beads!

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