Yesterday’s Shoes IV


Yesterday’s Shoes.

There have been a few hits directed here by search engines from people wanting to use Photoshop to put different heads on certain bodies.  Today we will start to understand that process.

Before we get to that, I used a filter called Poster Edges on the shoes.  I am a contrast fanatic, and I like that one a whole lot.  It puts the black shadows into details of the image.  With all Photoshop filters, you can toy with the settings.  I usually max things out… or use magick numbers.

Then I transplanted the Ghost Rider into the body of the banner.

The drawing of Johhny Blaze is by Randy Kintz.  Nina painted it by hand in the colours of a Wild Sentinel.  More about that here:

When you want to add one image to another, like transplanting a face onto a chosen body, you open both files in Photoshop.  Select the face, either by Select All or by using one of the lasso tools or the magic wand.  Edit: Copy.  Edit: Paste.  Choose the arrow/cursor tool and drag the face from it’s window into the body picture.  You can drop it anywhere on the body and move it after you see where it lands.  The face will need to be sized, if it is way too big you will need to make the original smaller.  Usually you can just use the Transform: Scale function to drag it down to size by the corners. 

When you drag one image into another, it pastes as a new layer.  You can lower the opacity of that layer to see through to the image underneath.  Use the Eraser tool to clean up the edges, then return the opacity to 100%.  That’s the basics.

One time I transplanted my face, along with the visage of Matt Hyra The Designer Who Gave Us The Toys For War Paint, into a photograph of two dudes with Liz Sherman.  You can see that here:

I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson and yesterday’s shoes.  If you have any questions about the process, feel free to ask in the Comment section of this post.  This image may be a bit too loud, I tend to overdo things in my quest for visual assault.  I should be able to calm it down a bit in the coming days.


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4 responses to “Yesterday’s Shoes IV

  1. lordoflimbo

    Eventually, well in like 2 weeks, wont that picture become just another random picture, or will you revert back when it become less like a picture of shoes and more like otters dancing to a hippy jam-fest?

  2. fullbodytransplant

    I have been wondering the same thing. I could bring the shoes back into it, or I could let it morph out completely and just use their basic outline as a blueprint.

    I decide these things in the moment, and right now I need to leave for a hockey party. I’ll be back online after the keg is dry.

  3. lordoflimbo

    I think that every week you should restart with the original shoes, but then every month you should have a blowout where you mix the end of the weeks together and then at the year you mix the monthlys together…that would be psychedelic.

  4. Sounds like a plan. Maybe I will change the colour scheme each week when I bring the shoes back.

    Either way, it waits until Monday. Time for some time offline with the wife. Yum.

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