From imagination to reality, in a bunch of easy steps.





(Tundra Kavu models by me, random supporting sculpture by Nina)

“The temple represents the external Universe.  The magician must take it as he finds it, so that it is of no particular shape.

There may, however, be some choice of rooms; this refers to the power of the magician to reincarnate in a suitable body.”

Aleister Crowley, Book 4

That is one corner of our living room.  The critters are Tundra Kavu.  It went like this.

Wizards of the Coast created a new imaginary species for their trading card game.  They called the creatures “Kavu”.  Matt Cavotta got an art description for the one that lives on the Tundra.  Nina and I fell in love with the card, immediately upon busting the first pack.  I surfed around the interwebs and found Matt selling the original painting.  I purchased it for myself for Christmas.  I attended the Summer Arts Institute at the University of Miami.  We created molds to fill with glass.  I filled my molds with wax and plaster and melted soap as well.

A small herd arrived in response.


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