Oh Happy Day!


(non-biting midge from Ryan Garko’s playoff blog at mlb.com)

Whew.  It was one of those weekends.  Actually, it carried over into Tuesday morning… with another year’s worth of fabulously failed New York Yankees. 


If the bliss wears off later today, you may get more out of me.  For now I glow.

In the meantime while you are wondering if I will ever come down, click the new links on the side of this page.  The Vs. System blogosphere is expanding exponentially.  Good times are waiting in the wings.


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2 responses to “Oh Happy Day!

  1. In extra shock-tastic news, I may be studying at the South Carolina State University in a year and a bit, which is the closest I can get to Florida I’m afraid.

    Just need to find out if their accomodation allows for me having a partner as well.

  2. Outstanding. That’s close enough for a road trip in the Mini Cooper!

    Keep me posted.

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