Eleventh Question of the Day.


(illustration from this article: http://metagame.com/vs.aspx?tabid=46&ArticleId=8162)

Sometimes I wonder at the influence I have on the world around me.

What would your superhero name be, what powers would you have, and how would you change the world?



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3 responses to “Eleventh Question of the Day.

  1. I’d probably have powers of Telekinesis, similar to the Gravity-Gun in Half-Life 2. Someone shooting bullets at me? Just flip a bit off a metal fence as a shield whilst I go for cover.

    No idea about the name, I’d probably choose one, then get sued by Marvel as they had a character who had that name, who appeared in a comic once in the 1960’s.

  2. hmm, just one power? i’ll choose… teleportation, hehehe.

    i will anonymously rescue anyone trapped anywhere for whatever reason… as long as i hear about it in the news at the time.

    since i won’t be revealing my identity to the public, the media will call me… The Unknown Volunteer 😛

    oh, and if i go insane, i’ll assassinate bad people during their sleep, hwehehe.

  3. I’d be Poppy, with the power to blow stuff up, by waggling my ears.

    I’d use it to change the world by blowing up all the chavs. I would also use it to make minor explosions to open locks:p

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