The Living Room.


(portraits in the corner of our living room by Nina)

What is your “living room” like?  I don’t mean physically, I mean your headspace.

The one thing we are able to change, at will, at all times?  Our attitude.  No matter what life throws into the room, we can adjust accordingly.  I choose to follow my bliss as a rule.  (Shout out to Joseph Campbell.)  By keeping my eyes on the prize instead of the obstacles, I enjoy most moments fully.  Of course I slip sometimes and forget that I can choose joy, even in the midst of confusion and pain.

But then I clear the dark clouds from the living room and remember how to dance through anything.  It works for me.


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One response to “The Living Room.

  1. That is some freaky wall art, but still. It is awesome.

    The art on the easel is fantastic.

    My headspace is a big white abyss, filled with manifestations of my thoughts.

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