Twelfth Question of the Day.


(lego-supper by Skyler:

The Question?

If you could grab twelve disciples and start something up, what would your revolution be like?



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5 responses to “Twelfth Question of the Day.

  1. I’ve always said I’ll have 12 best men for my wedding, so that I don’t have to pick one person.

    Revolution-wise, two disciples running each continent, with myself as the leader, in an attempt at a benevolent dictatorship. It wouldn’t work, but it’s nice to think I could try.

  2. What would my revolution be like?


  3. One time a kid from Ohio showed up at my house to interview me for his zine, while his family was vacationing for Spring Training.

    “I want to start a trend where everyone decides to be themselves.”, I said.

    Paradox Rules.

  4. Daemyann

    I think the best kind of leading is unintentional.

    Leading is the unexpected child of having something worthwhile to say, or an interesting way of saying it.

  5. this is easy. i’ll start the VS revolution, until it becomes the national sport of every civilization, hehehe.

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