Effort = Results.


As an artist, and a native Cancer the crab, my life has ebbs and flows the size of a Tsunami.  I become completely overwhelmed and obsessively fixated on whatever new project pumps the muse into my soul.  As you can see by the compulsive postings on this blog, when I get into something… I get into it all the way.

And then I move on, after the wave has passed.

That is the number one reason I am amazed by my writing for Upper Deck.  I have not missed a weekly deadline, going on three years straight.  1800 words times 120 columns is insane.  I have honestly adored each and every article.  I have one due again on Monday, I have not even hooked a concept in my head, yet I am not dreading it in the slightest.  I know I will be able to focus my fingers on Vs. System, open the top of my head, and the inspiration will flow.  From my brain, through the interwebs, into your heart.  Or something.

I have never been this dedicated or disciplined with any other project.  My art has shifted from visual to verbal, but it has also gained a much larger audience.  When I click on www.vssystem.com and see my Risks bearing Rewards, I feel a great deal of satisfaction with this phase of my life as an artist.  The effort has been sustained, and the results are spectacular.


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One response to “Effort = Results.

  1. Nice work, my friend.

    (I’ve been writing for almost a half a year and have already missed at least 3 deadlines…all planned ahead of time, but still. Your streak is very impressive!)

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