Pleasant Distractions Necessary for Survival.


(found Watt object from

Modern life is tough.  These big brains, combined with a monetary system fueled by addictive consumer culture, piloted by people with emotional maturity equivalent to an inbred poodle?  Things get messy and difficult to cope with.

So we distract ourselves with hobbies and fanatical dedication to things that always pick us up.  I use punk rock and trading cards sometimes:

I use sports alot too, and so does Watt.  One time we were shooting the shit on the sidewalk the afternoon before a show in 1991.  It was the day before D. Boon’s birthday and Watt was hurting.  We were also talking basketball.

“No Hoops, No Hope.” Watt sighed.

Our heartbroken hero is one of the most intelligent humans I have had the pleasure to meet, and he knew the deal.  When life gives you something you really don’t like that you simply must endure, focus on something that keeps the joy in the tank.  Watt and his best friend the great artist Raymond Pettibon are hooked on high school basketball in LA to keep their mind off things.  I follow pro baseball and hockey for the same reasons.  And last night’s games flooded me with healing grins all the way to the center of my being, even though the work day had left much to be desired.

Pleasant Distractions are necessary for survival, especially when it comes to a healthy soul.

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