Seventeeth Question of the Day.


(party pic from Ben’s flickr book at

That’s the family, from right to left then left to right: me, wife, sister, niece, nephew, rocket scientist son-in-law with a glass of wine, and the three most beautiful babies of all time.  I feel so damn lucky to be blessed with such happy and healthy kin.

What makes you feel lucky and blessed?



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5 responses to “Seventeeth Question of the Day.

  1. Having the Hattch playtesters kit, which by the way looks pretty darn cool.

  2. Being in Britain, or more precisely, a fully-developed country. My soul could have inhabited some other newborn in Darfur, or Zimbabwe, I got lucky, at the expense of someone else’s soul being lumped with those situations.

    As such, I’m always grateful for what I’ve got, every book, CD, DVD, and of course, VS card.

    Except for ‘Go Down Fighting’, I would’ve preferred another Multiple Man instead of a banned card.

  3. renaissanceguy

    My family.
    My work as a missionary and teacher.
    My good health.

  4. Knowing that people are using my work in their own work. As a photographer for the public good, I license my stuff under a Creative Commons Attribution license that lets people adapt my photographs in any way they please, so long as they credit me (which helps other people find stuff they might want to use).

    I’ve had a British science journal use my photo of a Foucault’s pendulum, and I’ve had a Texas minister use my photo of a Fugazi-quoting graffito (“You are not what you own”) in a PowerPoint sermon. My photo of a sandwich stuffed with fried eggs, cole slaw, and french fries has been used in a guide to Pittsburgh, and my photo of a young child waiting at the airport has been used in an article about minors who travel without their parents.

    Incidentally, if anyone else wants to use this photo of the family, it’s at Just be sure to give credit where credit’s due. 🙂

    I also feel lucky and blessed to have this chance to talk about the Creative Commons. It’s an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing my photo and making it part of your art!

  5. What a great looking bunch. Belated congrats to you on your “little” ones. 🙂

    What makes me feel lucky and blessed is feeling how I feel right now. I’m happy, anxious, nervous, excited…it all means something good is going to happen. It’s like leaving work on Friday afternoon with the weekend ahead of you, only 1 billion times better.

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