Eighteenth Question of the Day.


(Nina and I made a new friend at Halloween Horror Nights)

What is your opinion on clowns?



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8 responses to “Eighteenth Question of the Day.

  1. I’ve never really understood why people are afraid of clowns. I’m fine with them, unless they start talking about how they “all float down here…”

  2. I always think of the movie “Killer Klowns from Outer Space”, meaning I laugh at them because I laugh at how bad the movie was.

  3. JetMan07

    I like clowns because they look funny, can make balloon animals, and have cool shoes.

  4. I pity them.

    Now ventriloquist dummies, that is a different subject. F’n Des O’ Connor.

  5. What is your opinion stu?

    From the picture, im guessing you either:

    A- Love them
    B- Find them hilarious
    C- Like to make fun of them
    D- Envy their shiny eyes and beard….I think this one.

  6. All of the above. Especially since I started researching them for my next article. I never thought of them as a symbol of unbridled social freedom until now…

  7. I like ’em, but I like court jesters more. We need more of those.

  8. Oh how they scared me as a child. I think I’ve made my peace with them though…I think…

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