Nineteenth Question of the Day.


(Goodbye Kitty by daskull at

How do you survive your exasperating encounters with all the idiocy you have to deal with at work, or school, or both?



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4 responses to “Nineteenth Question of the Day.

  1. Hilarious ways of making people look stupid when they have said something stupid. All wit, don’t be a dick and mean, all in the name of comedy.

    Or just an absolute classic that I came up with. Look 100% serious and say “Get out.” with no expression.

    It’s all about making sure they know that they did something stupid, but not being mean about it.

    It’s all in the name of comedy.

  2. Same here, humour’s the key. That way you can be ingeniously snidey to someone being a dick, and get away with it as everyone’s laughing.

  3. Or alternatively you can respond with a mildly topically harsh comment and laugh (as long as it is quick enough) and people will laugh.

    In the midst of the laughter they will realise that they have been wrong, so will usually think twice about doing it again….trust me. My flatmate doesn’t make fun anymore.

    They won’t be a dick again while your around. They have learned their lesson, until they forget it again because they are socially retarded monkeys with facial hair.

  4. vssjgotenks

    In school [only]…

    during class: Whenever I have an idiot for a professor, I sleep. Or get out, go somewhere, eat [or look for friends and hang out], and then go back to class. If the professors ask where I went, I said “Nature called. Want me to prove it?” hehe

    outside the class: I “respond with a mildly topically harsh comment and laugh” also 😀 hehe

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