Twenty First Question of the Day.


(clown by George Santiago, age 15.  Painted today in my class.)

What would be your version of the world’s greatest party?


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5 responses to “Twenty First Question of the Day.

  1. Um, that clown is good.

    A massive meet-up for realmers with beer, pizza and drafting. With natalie portman dancing in the middle of the table.

  2. Yeah, it is good. He is the worst behaviour problem of all my classes too. Figures.

    The massive meet-up would be keen, although most of my parties end up with lots of naked time. Might still work, depending on Natalie’s stamina.

  3. We could always hold the party in Prague. It’s mainland Europe, *everyone* goes into naked time eventually. Well, if you believe Eurotrash anyway.

    The world’s greatest party would also include fountains of Dr Pepper and Um Bongo for us teetotallers, and there’d be 64 fully-specced PC’s for mass LAN-gaming.

    But…what music would be on the stereo?

  4. Wait… you’ve got Natalie Portman, Jennifer Connelly, and Famke Janssen table dancing for you (I invited the last two – hope you don’t mind)… does it even matter what the music is?!?

  5. Yes it matters. I have a bootleg Sublime that might do the trick.

    And Alec is correct, Prague would be perfect.

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