What Price Originality?


(bad pic of a block print I did 12 years ago)

That cow hangs in the townhouse we share as a family in Central Florida – so I only get to see it a couple times per year.  It is a good cow, a colorful cow, perhaps an ornery cow.  But it is still a cow.  Even if we could identify the most talented and unique cow of all time, it would still be hamburger in the long run.

Human life is a constant balance between originality and conformity.  We are half sheep and half God.  I love to ponder and pick at the existential wound when it comes to that little yin/yang, and this is my favorite extreme:

I have started an exhibition of the most unique artworks.  Here are the criteria.  Create a masterpiece.  Then destroy it immediately before anyone else sees it.  It can be any media whatsoever, but it needs to be THAT personal.


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One response to “What Price Originality?

  1. artisticked

    The art work is kool…..Like the colors and kool illustration….!!…..The expression came out well i think….:)

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