Tiny Treasure Hunt.

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(UPDATE: The treasures have been found, especially the load of mad fun we had.  I will start another one soon.)

Here’s the deal.  Find the following text, tell me the date it was written, and add the quote about the Kentucky Derby winners – with the meaning of the team initials “COWTIT”, and their connection to the Kentucky Derby winner quote.  The winner recieves a rare of their choice from Marvel Legends, besides Mobilize obv. 

Here is the text you are looking for, good luck:

1. Rian Fike is a performance artist. This is one of the most fascinating and satisfying mediums that he has ever mastered. An artist rarely has such a rabid captive audience. The feedback is immediate and passionate. The potential for personal creative power and manipulation of other humans is addictive and nearly unparalleled in the other environments that Rian has chosen to practice his craft. The gallery/performance space that VsRealms provides has allowed him to create a persona that cannot be denied as a thought-provoking, entertaining, and enjoyable addition to hundreds of lives across the globe. Especially his own.

2. This game makes my childhood fantasies come true. I am a nerd. I adore collecting trading cards. I get a special tickle in my throat when I think about superheroes and supervillains. I get tremendous physical pleasure from artistic renditions of my favorite characters. Good paintings of bad girls turn me on. Getting to explore a whole handful of females in spandex that I had never heard of every three months? It doesn’t get any better than that.

3. The Vs. System community is real. We are real people participating in real-time interactions with real cards on real tables in real cities. I have hundreds of real friends that I would have never had without this game. My wife and I are urban hermits. Vs. System got me out of the cave.

4. My day job could be boring. Personally, I am never bored. Never have been, never will be. I used to paint and draw and sculpt and play multi-player Magic the Gathering along with my students. Then Vs. System came along. Then I discovered Vs. Realms. Two and a half years later, this is still my favorite way to kill time on the job.

5. Working for UDE every Monday on Metagame is simply the ultimate second job. Keeping my fingers all over the forums helps me follow the currents of the game as it ebbs and flows and branches into new territory that trading card games have never seen before. The response to my articles has been phenomenal, and it ices my cake weekly. I would be half the writer I am without all the gabbing we do here on the boards. You are a big part of my success, and I love sharing the spotlight with as many of you as I can.

So thanks again. For the roast, the eulogy, and the continued attempts to kill stubarnes with flaming hate. Each year gets better, and this last one was the best of my entire life.




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19 responses to “Tiny Treasure Hunt.

  1. SeventhSoldier

    8/25/2006 9:12 AM
    Stu has sired every Kentucky Derby winner since 1901.
    COWTIT was the name of Boothwah’s team, and it was he who made the post about the Kentucky Derby.
    …if COWTIT stands for something besides allowing for the pun ‘Legend-Dairy’ in his sig, I’m stumped.

  2. It happened on my birthday, August 25, last year. Boothwah claimed that “Stu has sired every Kentucky Derby winner since 1901” and claims to be a member of Team COWTIT (Central Oregon Where Teams Is Teams). And I should probably ask for The Enemy of My Enemy, but I’d settle for a homemade trading card featuring me.

  3. dschneider

    Bah, and I’d just found it, too.


    Thanks for the game!

  4. Seventh Soldier is the first Tiny Treasure Hunt Champion!!! Which MVL rare is your choice?

    Ben almost won, and he doesn’t even play the game? Your click-fu is strong Sir. I will begin your homemade card immediately.

    This was fun, I will do a new one every couple days.

    Stay tuned.

  5. Ra's Al Cool

    No one posted it in its entirety, to the detail.

    Date – 08-25-2006, 09:12 AM
    Edit time: 08-25-2006 at 11:20 AM. Reason: He’s baaaaaack

    Kentucky Derby Winners quote-
    “Originally Posted by boothwah
    Stu’s not allowed to attend the Olympic games because his very aroma is considered a performance enhancing drug.

    Stu has sired every Kentucky Derby winner since 1901.

    The famous photo of the Loch Ness Monster is actually Stu skinny-dippin’ at his summer home.”

    “Cowtit” – Central Oregon Where Teams Is Teams
    It is Linked together because it’s a member of the team who said the quote in your “roast”.

  6. Ra’s Al Cool is correct, and we now have two winners!

    Choose your rare.

    By the way, I can’t get to Realms from work anymore. Which means I have a lot of laughing to do when I get home.

    Okay, an additional task. This one is Herculean.

    Why did I happen to click on that old Realms thread this morning?

    You can get creative with your answers, but one is correct. I will give hints every few hours.

  7. Why did you click on an old thread?

    1- Looking for a link to an old article.
    2- Seeing what the realms were like before UDE announced the OP changes.
    3- You happened to click on it because you wanted to dig up uglies.
    4- See what your first ever post on the realms was.
    5- Because aceswolf necroed an old thread as he likes to.
    6- Because hulkmania necroed an old thread as he likes to.

  8. Or it was the Dear Stu thread that is old. But you have to check it every day in case there was a post because it is always current.

  9. Good guesses, not right.

    I did not necro the thread… although I assume someone else has by now.

    First hint: It has something to do with checking someone else’s reputation.

  10. http://www.vsrealms.com/forum/showthread.php?t=48817

    I think this one is too obvious to be it.

    Also, dude I just read one of the first threads you started in General Discussion. It’s a shame people aren’t as excited now as they were back then.


  11. I can’t access Realms from work, but I’m sure those are keen fun.

    They are not, however, the answer.

  12. Next hint: Long lost Bat fanatic.

  13. Callin’ Stu Out 08-25-2006 07:48 AM stubarnes I am Ego, Living Planet. I have exhausted Bizarro #98 and I am not letting him post.

    1. You rep’d Batshido for that post… perhaps?
    2. ” ” boothwah ” ” “….. perhaps?

  14. Nope. SeventhSoldier figured it out, but he is keeping it on the downlow to give someone else a chance.

  15. poppythecat


    Ok guys, here’s the deal.

    Stu is sitting on 8,999 posts. He hasn’t thrown out any random comments for a couple hours, which tells me he’s sitting on number 9,000 for some special occasion. I think we all know what this means.

    Here’s your chance to throw down the most degrading, inflamitory things you can think of about our beloved Realms mascot, without risking anything as worrisome as retribution.

    Flame On!!!

    This one? Maybe?

    XXX Joe (something i’m trying out)

  16. It’s from the same thread as the one from the first tiny treasure hunt. You dug it up because you needed it for the TTH.


  17. I guess that is close enough, and I know you deserve it.

    This is how SeventhSoldier stated it in a PM:

    “2nd riddle – you saw Batshido returned to the Realms, noted the thread on his rep-page, and gave it a read through.”

    I hereby deem this treasure hunt closed, with poppy grabbing the third rare. I will start a new one every few days, it was a hoot.

  18. I win?…cool

    Was very fun.

    I can has new and improved?

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