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Legends Live On.


(Longshot, Rebel Freedom Fighter from:

One of the trips that I groove on almost every day is the possibility that the fictional characters we create can live lives of their own in the attentionsphere.  Or that there is a way to view the sum total of all human thought about a certain legend.  I really do believe that every impulse experienced by our brains is recorded somewhere in the fourth dimension.  One time I read something that called such a storage system the “Psi-Bank”.  There are probably some really smart aliens or advanced beings that could access it.

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Nineteenth Question of the Day.


(Goodbye Kitty by daskull at

How do you survive your exasperating encounters with all the idiocy you have to deal with at work, or school, or both?


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Tempest in a Teapot.


(“Windstorm” by Dave Devries, from Upper Deck’s Vs. System)

Whew.  I can almost relax.  Taking the whole weekend to reconnect with the whole family took a whole lot out of me, then the whole “I’m the boss, that’s why” thing hit me flush in the mouth when I got back to work.  Tommorrow should see things calm down a bit, and I can get back to busting out the bounty on the blog.

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Eighteenth Question of the Day.


(Nina and I made a new friend at Halloween Horror Nights)

What is your opinion on clowns?


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Parting Shot.

closer  frontpage

Wow.  Here I was, getting ready to log off for a long weekend of non-electronic recreation and recovery, and what happens?  I get quoted the front page of the Sporting News, talking smack about the bad guys.  I love this life.

Now I really am signing off for the weekend.  I’ll meet you back here on Monday.  Be well.

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Seventeeth Question of the Day.


(party pic from Ben’s flickr book at

That’s the family, from right to left then left to right: me, wife, sister, niece, nephew, rocket scientist son-in-law with a glass of wine, and the three most beautiful babies of all time.  I feel so damn lucky to be blessed with such happy and healthy kin.

What makes you feel lucky and blessed?


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Things Come Up.


Yep, it’s time.  The Annual Fike Family Funfest at Halloween Horror Nights.  Driving north tonight for madness and mayhem.  I need a break really badly, and there is nothing more cathartic than being accosted in the middle of the night by hundreds of real-time evil figments of the collective imagination.  I love haunted houses so much that I will be offline until Monday.  So I guess this post also counts as Another Weekend in Heaven, in the middle of Hell.  Scream!

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Sixteenth Question of the Day.


What kinds of things make you feel better every time you think about them?


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Pleasant Distractions Necessary for Survival.


(found Watt object from

Modern life is tough.  These big brains, combined with a monetary system fueled by addictive consumer culture, piloted by people with emotional maturity equivalent to an inbred poodle?  Things get messy and difficult to cope with.

So we distract ourselves with hobbies and fanatical dedication to things that always pick us up.  I use punk rock and trading cards sometimes:

I use sports alot too, and so does Watt.  One time we were shooting the shit on the sidewalk the afternoon before a show in 1991.  It was the day before D. Boon’s birthday and Watt was hurting.  We were also talking basketball.

“No Hoops, No Hope.” Watt sighed.

Our heartbroken hero is one of the most intelligent humans I have had the pleasure to meet, and he knew the deal.  When life gives you something you really don’t like that you simply must endure, focus on something that keeps the joy in the tank.  Watt and his best friend the great artist Raymond Pettibon are hooked on high school basketball in LA to keep their mind off things.  I follow pro baseball and hockey for the same reasons.  And last night’s games flooded me with healing grins all the way to the center of my being, even though the work day had left much to be desired.

Pleasant Distractions are necessary for survival, especially when it comes to a healthy soul.

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Fifteenth Question of the Day.


(fractal garden of eden by judazfx at:

Straight to the question, with no judgement.

What’s your version of paradise?


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Reverse Gardening.


(the 15, from the William Blake Tarot by Ed Buryn)

I love me some Tarot cards.  Not for predicting the future or fleecing the unwashed masses, but for playing with my own spiritual tuning fork.  Somewhere in the distant past, some uncredited humans devised a series of symbols and put them on cardboard.  These symbols are brilliantly crafted, they capture 78 archetypical conditions of life and loving.  Since we are on the fifteenth question today, we will examine the 15… traditionally called The Devil.

The William Blake Tarot is one of my favorite sets, for many reasons.  The interpretation book that is included in the box set is the best I have ever read, and I have read at least twenty.  Blake was a bird of my feather, and Ed Buryn expands his mythos and madness to become a modern mash-up of power and poetry.  Ed calls the 15 “Error”, which explains the Garden of Eden.  As soon as we identify “error” in life, the moment we say to ourselves “Something is wrong here.”, then we are banished to a world of perceived sin. 

Seems pretty obvious to me: Adam and Eve accepted life as it is… until that rotten apple called judgement choked them out of paradise.

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Fourteenth Question of the Day.


(starfire looking good by Cully Hamner from Upper Deck’s Vs. System)

I’m sure you can tell me what you like to look at, but you also need to examine the reasons.

What are your personal criteria for evaluating things that you see?


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