Happiness is a Good Hangover.

hockeyhalloween  hockeyhalloween3  hockeyhalloween2 

Maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy the day after just as much as the party itself.  Memory and appreciation can get me through the pain of another early alarm, almost every time.  We had amazing fun last night.  It did nothing to sway my view… Halloween is still the best day of the year.  We wore our costumes to the game, although they were toned down a lot this year for comfort purposes.  (Last year we went as cheese and crackers, and things got messy by the end of the night.)  Nina was Mother Earth this time, and I was an air-head Sky God.   Our costumes were winners, and we got seats at center ice on the glass as a prize, so we got to see the scary rink demons up close and personal.  Our Panthers cut loose with four goals in the third period for the big comeback victory, like a pregnant pinata gone pop.  At the end of the game I got the best treat I could imagine, but you have to scroll back up to the Question of the Day for that.

After the game we did some even more serious partying, but some things are just too good to talk about.  Happy Day After!


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2 responses to “Happiness is a Good Hangover.

  1. Daemyann

    I really miss Hockey.
    What a great way to spend the night.
    Thanks for sharing the story.
    I went as “Kevin” from Sin City.
    If you don’t know who that was, you have some movies to watch.

  2. I know who that was, but now I am wondering about your sanity. (As if I was ever sure in the first place.)

    I wish you would have been with us, the seats were right next to the box and there was a flurry of penalties near the end… including a decisive diving call against Carolina. It was insanely entertaining to rag on the enemy from close range.

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