Twenty Fifth Question of the Day.

treat  treat2 

If you know your National Hockey League history, you know about the rubber rats in Miami.  Last night when we whipped that Hurricane ass, the lucky rodents came out again after the final horn sounded.  And I got one straight off the ice as a Halloween treat.  It filled my candy bag like nothing else could.

What is the best treat you can think of that costs 99 cents or less?


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4 responses to “Twenty Fifth Question of the Day.

  1. I gotta start this one myself. Besides a rubber rat from the ice of a victory celebration, maybe a properly cooked squirrel?

    Check it:

  2. JD

    Hey nice! I saw those rats come out on the ice last night after the game. Great win by the Cats!

  3. gdaybloke

    Hugs. Hugs are free, thus cheaper than 99 cents. They fill you with a sense of warmth and don’t rot your teeth.

  4. vssjgotenks

    Nestle Crunch or any pure chocolate candies… hehe 😀

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