How to Become a Tiny Treasure Hunt Star: Inside the Champions’ Minds.


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Ra’s Al Cool and JetMan07 were was gracious enough to write up some sweet rundowns of their victories to help me increase the difficulty level of these things. If you want to wade through the surf-thought processes of our Tiny Treasure Hunt Kings, click on this post’s comments.



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6 responses to “How to Become a Tiny Treasure Hunt Star: Inside the Champions’ Minds.

  1. Ra’s Al Cool writes:

    The first one I started by using Google. It found the post which
    contained most of the information that was asked for. “COWTIT” was
    harder, I used the search feature on Realms and got the answer. I
    found the thread where you weren’t sure what team to join, it had a
    rundown of all the teams and an explanation of the acronym. Also, I
    did manage to guess the right answer for the second part.

    In today’s, I used the Realms search again for the user name. In his
    profile he has a Myspace account. There were love messages from a
    woman who happened to be his first favorite so I presumed it linked
    his wife. Those were two questions that were easy to find.

    On Realms I searched his postings, starting from oldest to newest. I
    eventually found the 16th place win. (Also read about the almost Overloaded Imperiex, pretty cool). I couldn’t, however, find the others.

    I read #3 as what does he look like originally, and tried to describe
    him. (you’ll eventually see that on realms) What an unsuccessful
    job I did at that! When I read it again, I Realms’d your user name with
    the word “torch” and found him. The first post, I misread what you
    were saying and thought perhaps you could have referred to Ahmed (the
    checkmate character) despite the fact it did not make much sense in
    context of the conversation. But to answer any doubts, you referred to
    him as the hockey player on more than one occasion.

    There were a few things that strayed me away from my search, but it
    was pretty straightforward overall. The hardest part was to spot it, with all
    the other ‘superfluous’ text.

    Going to an outside source such as Myspace slowed the process down, I
    even checked the old VS site, for information about the
    tournament to verify that he didn’t win anything else. That’s
    everything from the top of my head.

  2. Thanks Ra’s. That will help me make the future contests more difficult.

    One thing I adore about the WordPress system is the detailed tracking of clicks.

    Today someone found this blog by searching “killer forts?”

    Just. Too. Cool.

  3. Now for JetMan07’s process:

    The first one I used the member search at the realms and went to his Myspace page.

    For the second I looked at all the threads he started to see if he posted it but didn’t see anything. After that I looked at his rating at to see if he won anything but nothing. Then I looked at the threads Stubarnes started and saw the barn door challenges, then I saw he won the first one.

    For the third I really didn’t find anything that told me who he looked liked but I just remembered a hockey player that kind of looks like him and guessed.

    The 4th I again loked at all the threads Stu started that had the word torch in them and found a tourny report from the 10k Orlando.

    The 5th I got his ude number from his vsrealms profile and looked to see what his best finish was.

    The last I went to his Myspace and read some comments and found a woman who said she loved him, so I went to her Myspace and read some comments and they had her name.

  4. Typical, the first time prizes are offered, and I’m off for a few days visiting my family.

  5. I’ll start a new one on Monday, see you there.

    (What time is England, anyway?)

  6. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) So normally 5 hours ahead of East-Coast America if I remember correctly.

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