Twenty Sixth Question of the Day.


(rabid squirrel from:

Okay, these contests have brought out the speed demons.

How can I make the Tiny Treasure Hunts last longer?



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5 responses to “Twenty Sixth Question of the Day.

  1. Make them insanely difficult.

    Then again, I thought the last one was insanely difficult.

  2. But what would constitute insanely difficult?

    Meticulous stats from a match? Bizarre details from a conversation on the Realms? The shoe size of the designer responsible for Longshot, Rebel Freedom Fighter?

  3. Not so much the 3rd, but the others may be a good challenge.

  4. How long would you like the search to go on? How many clues would you like to be able to give? Is it acceptable to have NO winner for some searches?

    P.S. I’ve sent a quick rundown of my search processes for the past two contests to your realms account. If it reads rushed and you need any clarification on any of it, let me know and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

  5. It is an interesting conundrum, indeed. Good questions. I guess maybe a day or two with ten or less questions. And there could be an open ended theme with no clear winner.

    I can’t wait to see your process, it will make interesting reading.

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