That was Then, This is Now.


I have been blessed in my 46 years, including the opportunity to be a member of a championship team.  Even though the big checks are gone, I am absolutely sure the blessings will continue.  In fact, I am convinced that the key to living a blessed life is to embrace every day as a blessing…. no matter how different it gets from your ideals.  If you learn to want and enjoy everything you already have, then life will return the favor by giving you more of what you want and enjoy.


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3 responses to “That was Then, This is Now.

  1. bishop2814

    You know, I’m mostly bummed that I won’t have a chance to get one of those sweet giant cheques with a super hero on it…..

  2. I would happily take one of those cheques for just a penny, so I could hang it on my wall.

  3. Alec if I could rep you, I would.

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