Thanks for the memories.


(tribute images from random ebay auctions)

The Orange Bowl.  For a building, it sure seems like a member of the family.  We moved to Miami in 1972, and I sat in the seats for every home game of the Dolphins’ perfect season.  I felt the upper deck shake many times during the folowing 35 years.  You could see it on television when they tried to keep the game clock steady on camera.  That bowl and our Canes own the longest home winning streak in history, but my favorite moment came when my hero Deacon Jones flew loose around the corner and creamed Bob Griese, with a leg-breaking splat.


Then there were the concerts.  Pink Floyd, Prince, and the Police.  Syncronicity, Purple Rain, and a giant pink pig floating in the sky.  Glory days, long gone.


But it was real, and my memory never fades.  We will be splashing around in the big beautiful Orange Bowl for the final time tonight, but we will be grooving on it forever.


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