Playing Limited.


(the first Pro Circuit draft of all time, photo by Craig Gibson)

Things only seem to be organized and complete, in life, no matter how structured and ordered our categorization skills are.  There is no possible way for the human mind to catalog, study, predict, and prepare for the upcoming moment.  By the time this moment is properly analyzed and squeezed loose of its data, it is gone.

So what then shall we do?  Find the source of that “glow pheneomenon” within the process.  Many external stimuli can cause it, choose the one that you want to dedicate your existence to.  Then structure your attention and efforts around creating the glow as often and as intense as possible.  Discard the things that are not neccesary or conducive to the glow.  Discard them from your attention.  Just like 30-card limited deck construction in Vs. System, there will be things you lean toward including in your life.  Some of them need to be left out. 

Are you thinking about something all the time that lessens the glow in your life?   Leave it out when you build your daily deck.  Each morning we get a chance to re-build ourselves from the mind up.  Play around with your limited headspace, and see if you can glow a little brighter every day.

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