Thirty First Question of the Day.


(Promethea leading the Ultimate Hero Team at

What comic book myths do you know best, inside and out, like the back of your hand?



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4 responses to “Thirty First Question of the Day.

  1. Fray, though I have not had the proper chance to pick up all the buffy/angel comics yet.

  2. I would like to say Deadpool, although that isn’t true (unfortunately). I just know enough to be able to describe almost everything (although I am getting closer).
    Classic Marvel Comics is what I know best.
    Spider-Man from the 60’s to maybe, the early 70’s.
    X-Men from mid 70’s to around Mutant Massacre.
    Although, I do know more about comics in general than most people I know, it is mostly focused in Spider-Man and X-Men, and Deadpool more recently. Ask me about a character though, and I could probably give a good description.
    DC, not as much, although I still know more DC than a lot of the people I know.

  3. The X-Men universe. Thanks to the internet and a few years’ worth of physical back issues, over the space of the last two years, I’ve read every single issue and spin-off from X-Men #1 in the 1960’s to Messiah CompleX #1.

    Second best is G1 Transformers, as I own *almost* every single US and UK comic, mostly in graphic novel form, though with some normal issues as well.

  4. daemyann

    Calvin and Hobbes….
    Yes, I’m serious.

    Outside of that, Punisher. What a spectrum.

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