Tiny Treasure Hunt: Collector’s Edition.


This is the only room in the house that Nina allowed me to decorate all by myself.  Identify as many toys as you can to win money rares from Infinite Crisis.  You can click on the pic for more details.  In twelve days I will announce the winner.


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12 responses to “Tiny Treasure Hunt: Collector’s Edition.

  1. HeroComplex

    I saw CosmicDoom’s first few tries at the list, I’ll add on a couple more:

    Baby Bonnie Hood and J. Tremain
    Controller Heroclix figure
    Matryoshka (Russian nesting dolls)

    There’s also a non-Rudolph deer next to him, I’ll guess Prancer, for fun.

  2. jetman07

    Hey a new hunt. Lets see:
    Scarlet Witch
    She Hulk
    Storm ?
    Black Suit Spiderman
    Dr. Strange
    Mario Lemieux
    Stanley Cup
    Cosmic Madonna on the New Avengers Cover
    Rat ?
    USA Hockey Player ?
    Bambi ?

    Thats all I can make out.

  3. djr17

    Well, since no one else has noted, I’ll add the only other thing I can identify:

    Marvin, the paranoid android.

  4. Chris

    Is that a Mandarin Spawn on the top shelf?

  5. That is pretty sweet, no bathroom is complete without a rubber rat! Also, the man doll holding the living dead doll reminds me of how I picture Rasputin.

    I don’t see any pictured there, and I don’t know if you have any, but you should check out the Starcom toy line, my personal favoirte. I remember leaving vehicles hanging on the fridge in the 80’s. If you or any other reader is curious, here’s a fan site:


  6. It’s not Rasputin, and it will be funny to compare the real identity to your guess.

  7. Oh, I didn’t think it was. I did however think it is actually a doll of someone in some recent events. I presumed all the toys were named already.

  8. I’ll give you a hint. The actor played Magneto.

  9. Hahahaha! I would have never guessed it was Gandalf! That’s hilarious!

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