Thirty Fifth Question of the Day.


(Destroyer by Bowen)

What are your impressions of the Giant Size set so far?



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5 responses to “Thirty Fifth Question of the Day.

  1. daemyann

    My impression is that it’s surreal… and too far away. On the upside, I’ve managed to convince a friend of mine to give VS a whirl (a girl no less). No expectations, but cross your fingers.

  2. Game itself: Pretty solid. Obviously, being the first raid-style deck for VS, it’s had it’s fair share of hiccups (Worldeater card-names, not explaining about being able to team-attack/reinforce) but I think there’s a definite scope for making it even better in the next Giant-Size set.

    Cards: Ample trading material for those Magneto cards I need 😀

  3. Its hot, but the problem with it is that after a few games, it kinda tires.

  4. I can see that, although there are quite a few cards that look good enough to last a very long time.

    Pathetic Attempt and Omnipotence, especially.

  5. The cards are awesome, dont let my previous comment fool you, it is just I dont see galactus as a big enough threat, I dont know how, but he doesnt seem powerful enough.

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