Thirty Seventh Question of the Day.

raven  ivy  2face  fatefull 

fatecut  fatefemale  fatetight  fateloud 

fateloud  hawk  arrow  fishy   

The new DC Legacy set from Rittenhouse contains one original sketch per box.  The twelve you see are by various artists, chosen because they give massive visual pleasure to my eyes, just from the first wave of sales on ebay.  You can click on them for more detail.  It is a great time to be a superhero card collector, but a terrible time to be broke.

Which of those twelve is your favorite?


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3 responses to “Thirty Seventh Question of the Day.

  1. Two-Face, just because if I didn’t know it was Two-Face, and it didn’t say DC on it, I could imagine it as a Skrull. Other than that though, Green Arrow, because having his mustache stick out was an awesome choice artistically.

  2. It’s a tie between two. The 3/4 view Dr. Fate where we look up at him and the half masked one. I do however appreciate that mustache. It’s totally out of the frame thus making it really sweet as well.

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