Thursday Thirteen: First Edition.


(That is the first photo of my cardflipping career, by Craig Gibson, featuring a swarm of Wild Sentinels, of course.)

I like to click on random WordPress postings, and I stumbled upon a fabulous meme this morning.  Thursday Thirteens are weekly lists on blogs that help us all connect and I want to play, especially since this is the one I found first:

Now my turn.

Thirteen Things I Love About My Life.

1. Nina’s sense of humor.  The girl taught me how to laugh, and saved my soul in the process.  We practice every single day.

2. The lack of fear I have toward death.  I honestly have never worried about it.  I don’t know how or why, but I am perfectly confident and content concerning the afterlife.

3. I was born into a very cool family.  And my babies turned out cool too!  Teaching in the big city has taught me how truly awful people can be, especially to the ones they are related to.  I am very fortunate and I count my blessings every day.

4. I get to write for Upper Deck every Monday.  This one makes me pinch myself.  Whether it was luck or hard work or the perfect combination of both, I pulled it off and it really makes me happy.

5. Superheroes are getting more popular with every movie.  We have been grooving on colorful spandex-clad mutants for years, now everyone is digging the myths with us.

6. I still cry for love and beauty.  Life touches me, and I am alive.  Granted, I am much more numb than usual… but the light is still on.

7. Dade Public Schools has amazing retirement benefits.  And I am only six years away from 30 years of service.  And the years are flying by like clouds.

8. The NHL Network broadcasts hockey 24 hours a day.  Last night our Panthers won a thriller in their second consecutive shootout, and it was replayed three minutes later on the national feed.  Life has never been this good.

9. Everything I experience is symbolic when I need it to be.  Somehow I have learned to self-maintain the balance of my soul by turning one thing into another.  It is a very enriching way to be.

10. My relationship with Nina is the best example of perfect human partnership that we have ever heard of.  We have the same tastes in nearly everything.  We can talk about anything.  We still discover new states of being when we get naked.  We got lucky, and we work hard to keep it going this well, but damn we are good.

11. I get to drive a brand new Mini Cooper.  It took a long time, but I finally got my money in order to the point that I will never have to worry about car problems again.  Her name is Betty, and she is the best vehicle in the world.

12. I can let go of the things that threaten to make me worry and feel guilty.  That, my friends, is the most important mental skill there is.  Figure out how it works and do it all the time.

13. I have enough free time to write this blog.  William Gibson said something about individual immortality through a display of personality in cyberspace or something.  I don’t want to live forever, but I sure enjoy documenting my Self here on the interwebs. 

Thanks for listening, now do your own Thursday Thirteen and link it here:



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18 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: First Edition.

  1. cindyswanson1

    Hey Rian! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Welcome to the wonderful world of TT…you did a great job your first time!

  2. marnini

    I really enjoyed reading this. I love when I know someone else loves their life. You don’t hear that often enough. Complaints are such a waste of energy.
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

    P.S. I love the name Nina.

  3. Welcome to Thursday Thirteen! This is a super list. I especially liked your #12 and #13. Thanks for your visit…and thanks for the link. 🙂

  4. i love your list!

    happy tt!


  5. 2. The lack of fear I have toward death.


    it IS going to happen, no matter how hard you try. Why fear the inevitable, living in fear is no way to live.

  6. Love the list! Yeah, I am not a huge fan of Lloyd Dobler. I know it was a great 80’s movie, but he’s a geek.

  7. Great start on T13! I’ll be back occaisionally. I like to keep tabs on other card gamers.

    Thanks for stopping by my Thursday Thirteen #58. The 13 Things About Feet Edition

  8. Welcome to Thursday Thirteen!
    This is a great list, I love learning more about people!
    Happy Thursday!

  9. Congratulations! It sounds like you not only have a wonderful life, but the capacity to enjoy it. That’s so good.

  10. I’ve compiled my own list here:

    It’s not quite as awe-inspiring as your own, but it’s the things that keep me going every day. 🙂

  11. Dude, you are super cool. Your wife is one lucky woman, and the students you teach even luckier. You really know how to celebrate life’s goodness.

    Welcome to Thursday 13! I just started blogging, and “doing” Thursday 13 a few weeks ago, and it’s been incredible “meeting” people like you!

  12. daemyann

    As arbitrarily subjective as it is, this is a very healthy thing to do.

    I think what I understood from several points on your list was that you have learned to live with your selective perspective.
    If the questions don’t burn, enjoy what you’ve learned.
    More power to you.

  13. WOW to your first Thursday 13!!!! And congrats to the mini copper. Im saving for a BMW F 650, and there are times I think just go for a different bike, but then lists like yours remind me that there are some great things to save for! 🙂

  14. I have to say, Thursday Thirteen rocks my world. What a fascinating, vibrant, healthy meme.

    Thanks everyone… I will see you all every Thursday!

  15. Welcome to Thursday Thirteen. I think you did a great job with your first edition. You are a fortunate person in many ways.

  16. Welcome to the TT family! What a great list to start of with!
    Thanks for visiting my magic quotes TT last week. Sorry I’m late with my return visit; I got the flu.:-(

  17. Just reading this makes me feel happy. What a wonderful life, and the great attitude to go with it. 🙂

    I have two TT13s this week:

    Better decluttering through TT13
    Calistoga, California for RVers

  18. EMC

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Congratulations on your first TT. It was a good one and I look forward to next week. Happy TT!

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