Tiny Treasure Hunt: World Record Edition.


With a few copies of Fatality on the line, answer these:

What is that, how did we win it, why is it a World Record, and what made it so difficult to achieve?


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6 responses to “Tiny Treasure Hunt: World Record Edition.

  1. JediJames84

    Hmm, well, judging by what I am finding online, that is probably the Surf Wagon VW Caravanette from Micro Machines V3. I’m guessing that the Level 144 is the World Record for the Swerve Shot stage, and it was difficult because the car only goes up one level each time you win it? Or something like that? Not sure on that part…

  2. You got the identity right, but not quite the reason no one else in the world has it.

    Send me your snail mail for a Fatality! Either Realms PM or rianfike@hattch.com.

    Everyone else can keep hunting to discover why we are the sole owners of such a record.

  3. Ra's Al Cool


    It appears they took off all information on their database for that game including the race records. What’s up wit dat?

  4. jetman07

    So I read that special “prize cars” are won whenever you beat a Time Trial single race or by completing a group in one of the other modes, so I guess you did this 144 times.

    Either that or you can bet your cars against another player and you won that car from them.

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