Fortieth Question of the Day.

oops  sugar  emo

(Pro Hockey’s greatest shocker, from  Click to enlarge.)

That was February 20, 1998.  Nagano Olympics.  Czechmate.  It still stands as my favorite game of all time, and last night reminded me why I watch sports.  The drama provided by a good nail biter is unparalled entertainment.

What sporting events do you remember most?


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2 responses to “Fortieth Question of the Day.

  1. jetman07

    Well the events I remember most are usually of my favorite teams but I love watching upsets and last minute wins.

    Some of my favorite games:

    Football: Texas/USC National Championship Game and the Cowboy at Bills game from earlier this year.

    Hockey: The Stars’ Stanley Cup win and the Miracle on Ice.

    Baseball: The Boston/Yankee ALCS of 2004 and Game 7 of the 2001 World Series where Arizona won.

  2. Agreed, the underdogs really get the blood flowing.

    Nice list.

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