Forty First Question of the Day.


Ouch.  I can’t hear, I can barely walk, and my voice is running at about twelve percent.  Standing right in front of the speakers on the rail is a bit insane when the Stooges hit the beach.  Punk rock sand in my shoes.  Iggy Pop breaking the news.  Mike Watt booming thunder to make the Gods jealous.  Skater freaks surfing shoulders like a trellis.   In other words, last night was Heaven on Earth.

(Check that photograph.  Iggy is the one with no shirt, under the skateboard.)

What is the best show you ever saw?



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5 responses to “Forty First Question of the Day.

  1. Reel big fish at Slam Dunk,

    Paramore at Slam Dunk,

    TAT at NOfx.

  2. For me, Mike Watt is still the single greatest performer of all time. Last night he proved it all over again. I am not a huge fan of the Stooges music, but the show itself was incredible.

    Especially since it was actually ON the beach.

    The best show I ever saw was Meat Puppets, wearing shirts that we painted, at the Cameo Theatre.

    Pics of that one:

  3. The reformed Pink Floyd at Live 8 in 2005. I’ve seen more flashy shows before, but to have the classic line-up there, in what could possibly be their last live performance was just magical.

  4. bill

    Did you bust out a blistering “AFM” for Watt? Did he grin back?

    Oh yeah, best show, Meat Puppets, Cameo Theatere throwing a Nerf football around! And the cuban coffee for the band!

  5. Yes I did, and yes he did. He was grinning for the whole show after that.

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