Sea Creature Roll Call! (With Prizes.)

strategic  rollcall

(a pair of counter-crazy cardboard baubles, art by Skottie Young and Carlos D’Anda)

Okay gang, it’s time for some seafood recipes.  Knowing only what we know, without the full expansion set, we are poised to dream about Sea Creatures.  In a vain attempt to stop chewing my nails in anticipation… I am throwing down a challenge.  What can I do with the ponies when they finally arrive in Miami?  Cool ideas win prizes.  Heat up the stove and let’s cook shrimp!


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24 responses to “Sea Creature Roll Call! (With Prizes.)

  1. dschneider

    Yeah. Four copies of each of those are a must.

    I also dig this one:

    as well as the MEX-018 Infiltrate.

    Maybe I’m just partial to team-attacking, but there’s something about a PONY! wave rolling over someone and completely removing them from the game that just makes me giddy.

  2. Deck Name: Billy Elliot 2 – Pony lovin’

    4x Boris, Personal Sevant of Dr.Doom
    4x Dr. Doom, Richards Rival
    4x Aquaman, Arthur Curry
    4x Doom-Bot, Army
    14x Ponies!

    Blues – 18
    4x Strategic Thinking
    4x Membership Drive
    2x Forward Assault
    4x Enemy Of My Enemy
    4x Armies of Doom

    Greens – 7
    4x Doomstadt
    2x New Baxter Building
    1x Arsenal Of Doom

    Greys – 5
    2x Power Gem
    1x Katana
    1x Ego Gem
    1x Mind Gem


    Turn 1- Boris with doomstadt to get a Membership Drive

    Turn 2- Anything you can get your hands on.

    Turn 3- Doom fetching you a membership drive

    Turn 4- Aquaman with a boris, getting you a membership drive

    Turn 5- Play Membership drives, recruit 5 sea creatures. five 6/6’s. These take down your opponents board, Then doom is left to swing to the face, hopefully more than once. With an armies of doom.

    I may actually build this, if I can get any ponies


    Deck Name: Baywatch

    1x Faust
    1x Halo
    1x Owen Mercer
    1x Technocrat

    1x Grace
    2x Katana
    1x Looker
    1x Terra
    1x Wylde
    1x Gypsy, Illusionary Operative
    1x Red Tornado, John Smith
    11x Ponies!

    2x Kimiyo hoshi
    4x Aquaman, Arthur Curry

    1x New Baxter Building
    1x The Watchtower

    2x Batman and the outsiders
    2x Revitalise
    2x Get it done
    4x Recruiting drive
    4x Roll Call!
    4x Teleport Tube
    2x Reset
    4x Forbidden Loyalties

    1x Power Gem
    1x Mind gem
    1x Ego gem
    1x Steel girder
    1x Justice League Signal Device

    Standard Outsiders Swarm deck. With Teleport Tubes and Reset for extra fun.

  3. jetman07

    Well here is a deck I just came up with:

    4 Aquaman, Arthur Curry
    1 Joesph Jones General Glory
    1 Kimiyo Hoshi Dr. Light, Sunburst
    13 Sea Creatures
    2 Maxwell Lord
    1 Booster Gold
    1 Red Tornado
    1 Connor Hawke
    4 Sue Dibney
    2 Blue Beetle

    4 Justice League Task Force, Team Up
    4 Enemy of My Enemy
    4 Roll Call
    4 Magnificent Seven
    4 Windstorm
    3 Thangarian Invasion
    2 Forged in Crisis
    2 Overwhelming Force

    3 Mind Gem

    I am not to good at deckbuilding but I thought I’d give this a shot.

  4. txc08

    Here’s my first one for you:

    JSA/JLA – Good Fries (or Sea Creatures Sea Creatures)

    3x Sue Dibny, Charismatic Coordinator
    4x Terry Sloane Mr. Terrific
    3x Connor Hawke Green Arrow, Son of the Archer
    4x Kate Spencer Manhunter, Fearless Renegade
    4x Aquaman, Arthur Curry
    1x Katar Hol Hawkman, Fearless Renegade
    12x Ponies!

    4x Enemy of My Enemy
    3x Hero’s Welcome
    4x Strategic Thinking
    4x Membership Drive
    4x Common Bond
    3x Roll Call!
    3x Magnificent Seven
    4x T-Spheres

    Teh God-Draw:

    Initiative on Evens:

    Turn 1: Mr. Terrific in the concealed area. Swing to face for a mighty 1. [49]

    Turn 2: Connor Hawke. Swing for a total of 4. [45]

    Turn 3: Find and play Aquaman. Hopefully their grave is empty. If not, try to empty it with power-ups for Aquaman off a Hero’s Welcome. [35]

    Turn 4: All of the Membership Drives and Strategic Thinkings you’ve drawn into. Let’s say one of each. 4x Ponies. Give one (or more some) T-Spheres, play Common Bond pitching a 2-drop. Your board now consists of:

    Mr. Terrific, Connor Hawke, Aquman, 3x Sea Creatures (7/5 or 9/6 vs higher drop) 1x Sea Creatures (12/9 vs. 3 or 4 drop). Power-up for more boostage.

    Initiative on Odds:

    Much the same, but with the possibility of Katar-Hol on 4 and flood on 5.

  5. Hmmm… I posted earlier, and the whole thing went poofie… I hope I’m not spamming the comment box.

    Aquaman and His Clone Army

    Characters: 30
    2x Paul Ebersol The Fixer
    3x Aquaman, Arthur Curry
    3x Aquaman, Lord of Atlantis
    2x Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas
    10x Multiple Man, Madrox, Army
    10x Sea Creatures

    Plot Twist:
    3x Membership Drive
    3x Strategic Thinking
    3x Qwardian Pincer
    3x New Mutations
    3x Millennium
    3x Fastball Special
    1x We Had a Team-up
    3x Turnabout
    2x Heroes Welcome
    3x Roll Call

    3x Birthing Chamber

    How the deck works:
    Sea Ponies need jockeys, and so far the best jockeys are the people who do think alike… ergo Madrox.

    Basic Swarm deck, not really afraid of Flame Trap because you drop a Paul Ebersol on Turn 4, Using Turnabout to prevent bullying, Fastball Special to take out annoying characters, Qwardian Pincer for utter pain, New Mutations to laugh at your opponents formation, Heroes Welcome to get Aquamans. 6 or 7 drop Aquaman to get cards that you chucked for any other reason.Roll Call, Birthing Chamber, Millennium for card draw, plus extra endurance, should you have your swarm up already. Best time to use the Membership drive and Strategic Thinking, turn 4 or 5.

  6. txc08

    I’ve just realised a typo in my previous list, the Hawkman 4 should be Hawkman, Thanagarian Enforcer from DJL.

    And now for something completely different:

    pLOCK (or Beyond Jank)

    1x Galactus, Devourer of Worlds
    1x Silver Surfer, Last Zenn-Lavian
    1x Human Torch, Invisible Man
    1x Black Canary, Pretty Bird
    3x Arthur Curry // Aquaman
    10x PONIES!
    4x Poison Ivy, Deadly Rose
    4x Haywire, Suicidal Lover
    3x Aunt May, Golden Oldie
    4x Dagger, Child of Light [32]

    3x Worldeater Apparatus
    3x UN Embassy
    3x Rock of Eternity

    4x Wild Ride
    4x Enemy of My Enemy
    3x Hero’s Welcome
    4x Midnight Sons
    4x Neighbourhood Watch [28]

    THE most unstable pile of jank ever made. It’s built to abuse having 8-costs worth of characters played on four, and gaining endurance off of Worldeater Apparatus… But here’s what happens if it goes off:

    With odd initiative

    Turn 1: Play Dagger. Midnight Sons into row.

    Turn 2: Flip Midnight Sons. Crossover JLA. Bounce Dagger if necessary. Fetch Midnight Sons. Play a non-Midnight Sons resource. Play Poison Ivy + Haywire. KO non Midnight Sons resource and Haywire to Poison Ivy. Fetch UN Embassy.

    Turn 3: Play Midnight Sons as a resource. Play Arthur Curry Aquaman. Flip Midnight Sons and crossover Heralds of Galactus. Flip UN Embassy. Crossover MK, JLA and Heralds of Galactus. Play a free character (Haywire or Aunt May) and KO it to ‘Ivy, pitching the newly flipped Midnight Sons. Go for a Worldeater Apparatus. Gain 3 off of Poison Ivy and Aquaman.

    Turn 4: Play Midnight Sons as a resource. Flip it and crossover with JSA. Play four horsies. During the combat phase, KO a stunned Horsie to fetch The Rock of Eternity, losing the last obsolete Midnight Sons. Gain endurance off Worldeater during your opponent’s attack step. Ready using Rock, then gain some more.

    Turn 5: Search out Black Canary, and play a Horsie. Gain endurance off Horsies. Ready them. Attack with one, and power it up using Horsies from hand. Exhaust your opponent’s board using Canary. Gain some more endurance.

    Turn 6: Human Torch and 2 more Horsies help you to weather the turn. Gain more endurance.

    Turn 7: Play Surfer-7, then Horsie lock by pitching them to Black Canary during a Horsie strike. Gain endurance.

    Turn 8: Galactus FTW!!!! (It’s possible it could make it to 8 😛 ¬_¬”)

  7. txc08

    Here’s another 😛


    4x Aquaman, Arthur Curry
    4x Dark Thanagarian, Mockery
    4x Dark Firestorm, Mockery
    16x Ponies [28]

    3x Dark Fury
    3x Hordes of Apokolips
    4x Enemy of My Enemy
    4x Created from Hate
    4x Hero’s Welcome
    4x Joining the Darkseid, Team-Up
    4x Forbidden Loyalties, Team-Up
    3x Membership Drive
    3x Strategic Thinking [32]

    Straight forward Pony Beats. Mulligan for a team-up.

  8. Ok, I’m assuming that this is Golden Age, and I am not required to run Strategic Thinking and Membership Drive, hehehe.

    Deck name: Mutated Ponies

    2x Mastermind, Jason Wyngarde
    2x Kleinstock Brothers
    2x Pyro, Freedom Force
    2x Rem-Ram
    2x Toad, Hopalong
    2x Destiny, Doomsday Diarist
    2x Sauron, Mutant Vampire

    10x Ponies!!
    2x Scarlet Witch, Eldritch Enchantress

    4x Magneto, Mutant Terrorist

    4x Mystique, Shapely Shifter (naming Aquaman!!!)

    Plot Twists
    4x The New Brotherhood
    4x The Next Brotherhood
    4x Flying Kick
    4x Eviscerate
    4x Enemy of my Enemy

    4x Genosha
    4x Underground Resistance

    General plan: (odd initiative, mulligan for the old TNB)
    turn 1: random 1-drop Brotherhood. Flip any The New Brotherhood, obv.

    turn 2: 2 more random 1-drop Brotherhood (drop a Pony if there’s nothing else)

    turn 3: Magneto. Discard a Pony to EomE if you have to. He will fuel Genosha later.

    Start filtering with Underground Resistance, stockpiling Ponies or The Next Brotherhood.

    turn 4: Mystique (naming Aquaman!!!)

    turn 5: pop Genoshas. Drop as many Ponies as you can. MUTATED PONIES SMASH!

    turn 6: wow, if it ever reached this turn, just recruit Scarlet Witch 3 times.

    The real Aquaman may be appalled at his beloved Ponies being mutated though, hehehe ^_^

  9. 24x Ponies!

    4x Mystique – Shapely Shifter

    4x Lost City
    4x Avalon
    4x Birthing Chamber

    4x Straight to the Grave
    4x Enemy of my Enemy
    4x Membership Drive
    4x Strategic Thinking

    4x Ego Gem

  10. txc08

    Bad Shrimp (or Sea Creatures Vomit)

    4x Longshot, Rebel Freedom Fighter
    1x Cyclops, Slim
    1x Archangel, Angel
    1x Forge, Cheyenne Mystic
    11x PONIES!
    6x Multiple Man Jaime Madrox
    5x Multiple Man, MadroX
    4x Aquaman, Arthur Curry [33]

    3x Xavier’s School, For Gifted and Talented Youth
    4x Enemy of My Enemy
    3x Time Breach
    3x BAMF!
    4x Fastball Special
    2x Blackbird Blue
    2x Danger Room

    2x X-Corp Amsterdam
    4x Forbidden Loyalty [28]

  11. These are really fun, thanks to all and keep ’em coming.

    I am logging off for a bit… School’s Out!

    If any new ideas get stuck in the moderation loop, I will unlock them in an hour or so when I get home.

    Back to the kitchen, all of you. There’s more fish to fry.

  12. txc08

    Sleeping with the Fishes
    ~ Seafood Syndicate

    Knife goes in. Guts come out. That’s what Osaka Seafood concern is all about.

    1x Carnage, Cletus Cassidy
    12x Ponies!
    4x Aquaman, Arthur Curry
    4x Swarm, Fritz von Meyer
    3x Razorfist, Sociopathic Mercenary
    1x Slyde, Jalome Beacher
    1x Answer, Aaron Nicholson
    4x Tombstone, Lonnie Lincoln

    4x Hired Goons
    3x Spider Hunt
    4x Goblin Glider
    4x Enemy of My Enemy
    4x Vicarious Living

    4x Legacy of Evil

    4x The Contract, Team-Up
    3x Forbidden Loyalties, Team-Up

  13. txc08

    Revenge Squid

    1x Doomsday, Armageddon Creature
    1x General Zod, Ruler of Pokolistan
    1x Brainiac 2.5, Future Intelligence
    3x Hank Henshaw Cyborg, Manhunter Grandmaster
    10x Ponies!
    4x Aquaman, Arthur Curry
    4x Atomic Skull, Joe Martin
    3x Hope, Amazon Bodyguard
    4x Prankster, Oswald Loomis [31]

    3x Revenge Pact
    4x Fatal Weakness
    4x Death of Superman
    3x Imprisoned in the Source
    4x Hostage Situation
    1x Concrete Jungle
    1x Unmasked
    4x Enemy of My Enemy
    2x Hero’s Welcome

    4x Forbidden Loyalties, Team-Up [29]

    Use a Pony! and Aquaman to Fatal Weakness your opponent’s four, and be left with three 3/3 2-drops and everything you played before turn 3 to attack with!
    Also provides you with exhaust-bait for Revenge Squad’s various exhaustion requirements; and acceptable sized bodies.

  14. Revenge Squid! I think I am in love.

    Who are you on Realms?

  15. txc08

    My handle be terminexchet, oh mighty Stu 😛

    I think the list still needs some work though, A Proud Zinco Product to get rid of Cloaks of Nabu etc. would be necessary if their four was indeed the prey of choice… Although it would be quite sick against Ahmed if you can catch him unawares… Or if you could de-cloak a Punisher, Guns Blazing and trash him…

    I’ll keep fiddling with the list, and maybe try to make it Silver age or somethin and get back to you after my sevenish hours of British slumber 😛

  16. hehe… I wondered if that was you. This is brilliant stuff, mate. Much obliged.

  17. Oooh, ooh! My Hobby League prizes might work!

    Survival of the Fishiest?

  18. Daemyann

    Watery Grave

    13 x ponies
    4 x Waterguyarthur curry
    1 x deadshotfloyd
    1 x deadshotdeadaim
    2 x Mr. MyzptlkTT
    4 x manhunter clone
    1 x funky (just because he is)
    2 x phantom stranger (wandering)

    3 x slaughter swamp
    3 x soul world

    3 x ATTEND OR DIE!!
    4 x straight to the grave
    4 x membership drive
    4 x strategic thinking
    4 x sorcerer’s treasure

    3 x mind gem
    3 x ego gem

  19. txc08

    Still fiddling with a new Revenge Squid list, but in the meantime here’s my take on Fishy Witching Hour:

    Cold Fishion

    1x Pilgrim, Lilin
    2x Aquaman, King of Atlantis
    4x The Demon, Jason Blood
    4x Dr. Doom, Richards’ Rival
    10x Ponies!
    4x Beast, Dr. Henry McCoy
    4x Boris, Personal Servant of Dr. Doom [29]

    1x Common Bond
    4x Latveria
    4x Siphon Energy
    1x We Had a Team-Up!
    4x Gamma Bomb
    4x Enemy of My Enemy
    4x Straight to the Grave
    3x Pathetic Attempt
    1x Witching Hour

    4x Slaughter Swamp
    1x We Had a Team-Up! [31]

    Here’s another fishy smelling lock.

    The aim of the deck is to get Gamma Bomb face-up into your row using Jason Blood as fast as possible, before playing Siphon Energy to nuke the field. One Aquaman 6 in grave and one in hand makes for a loop of Gamma Bombage, giving you time to build up your hand (and graveyard). Once 10 Ponies! are in the grave, and you have a Common Bond in hand, play Lilin, and We Had a Team-Up! teaming up Ponies and Underworld. Play a Witching Hour (or copy it with Siphon Energy) and swarm the field for exactly fifty (Gamma Bomb, followed by 10 Ponies! and a single Common Bond).

  20. txc08

    Well, I’m nearly out of ideas, lol

    Here’s silver age (bar Aquaman :P) Revenge Squid, as it stands so far:

    1x Molecule Man, Owen Reece
    1x Darkseid, the Omega
    1x Hank Henshaw Cyborg, Manhunter Grandmaster
    10x Ponies!
    4x Aquaman, Arthur Curry
    4x Natasha Irons Starlight, Everyman Project
    4x Terra Man, Toby Manning
    4x Winslow Schott Toyman, Child’s Play

    4x Battle for Metropolis
    4x Never-Ending Battle
    4x Executive Priviledge
    4x Forbidden Loyalties, Team-Up
    4x We Had a Team-Up, Team-Up

    4x Fatal Weakness
    4x Enemy of My Enemy
    3x A Proud Zinco Product

    I’ll keep tinkering and get back to you

    PS. Wouldn’t Siphon Energy allow you to play Witching Hour during the combat phase, or do you still need to pay 2 resource points?

  21. txc08

    Oh yeah, replace Darkseid, the Omega with Brainiac 2.5, the list originally had 1x Survival of the Fittest to donate to your opponent, but I couldn’t find a suitable search card outside of Ruin who clashes with Aquaman on 3… Here’s hoping we get a low drop Aquaman come DCL… Preferrably one we can conceal… *schemes*

  22. txc08


    1x Manhunter Conqueror, Grandmaster
    3x Grandmaster, Manhunter Leader
    10x Ponies!
    4x Aquaman, Arthur Curry
    3x Sleeper Agent, Manhunter Sleeper
    4x Manhunter Infiltrator, Army
    5x Manhunter Sniper, Army [29]

    4x War Without End
    4x Rebellion on Oa
    4x We Had a Team-Up, Team-Up
    3x Millenium

    4x Orinda
    3x Underground Complex
    2x New Era

    4x Enemy of My Enemy
    2x Hero’s Welcome [31]

    A Haiku:

    Find an Orinda.
    Hide all the pretty Ponies.
    Kill with Grandmaster.

    Recover with War Without End, after KOing your opponent’s field with Rebellion on Oa. New Era a Complex to fetch Orinda with Aquaman on the field. Hero’s Welcome fetches the orange legend in question, while Manhunter Conqueror finshes what the Grandmaster started. Sleeper Agents are just there if you feel like some extra beef.

  23. Quick update near the turn of another calendar.

    txco8, aka Terminexchet, aka Ollie Frith, is the watery winner. I filled in the last twelve missing rares from his Inifinite Crisis collection in response.

    I have been playtesting a simple beatdown Pony deck that I will include in the first article of the New Year.

    Happy 363rd Day!

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