I Gotta Say It Was A Good Day.


Some days really are better than others, and yesterday was one of those days.  Why?

1. I am now a lifetime member of F.O.A.M.  Rob Kelly included a link to my Sea Creature article on the best Aquaman site in the Universe, which is now linked on my blogroll, and I got that certificate to hang on my wall.

2. The very same Sea Creatures are rocking some serious tech in the comment section of the post under this one.  Ponies never looked prettier, and these have teeth.

3. Hobby League was grand as usual.  I made Top 4 again.  DeCarlo was rolling out the Unaffilated.  Ivo, Deadpool, Omega Red… and a fully fate-suited Mr. Sinister?  Ouch.  My X-babies grew up fast.  I actually survived on six when he whiffed completely.  Then I got Rich down to 1 measly endurance point on the fifth turn in the final.  That was followed by him pressing out four huge characters to form The Lunatic Legion and make a 30 point swing for the win.  Brilliant tournament, with brilliant prizes.  Survival of the Fittest has my head spinning, and I am ready for an even better day today.  Here we go again!


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5 responses to “I Gotta Say It Was A Good Day.

  1. Here is a permalink to my entry on Rob’s blog. I am so incredibly honored to share the same space with David Michelinie that I don’t know what to say. It will take me a while to recover:


  2. I loved Patrick Duffy as aquaman. He was so cute but the webbed toes and feet creaped me out.

  3. Could it possibly be that you’re a garden variety comic book geek like myself? Amazing! What I find more amazing actually is that you’re the first one i’ve encountered in this blogging world. Can I ask one question though? Marvel, or DC?

  4. Make mine Marvel. I love me some Koriand’r, for many reasons, and I grew up with Adam West and the Topps Batman trading cards, but before I dove into the depths of the DC myths with Vs. System I hardly ever touched the stuff.

  5. I’m a Marvel guy myself, although I have wandered into the Vertigo waters lately. I’ve never been big on the cards or attempted to play the games (Vs. or Heroclix), but I am an avid reader.

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