Thursday Thirteen: Simple Pleasures.


(Our neighbor the osprey, with mullet for lunch, from

Life is full of simple pleasures, and these are thirteen of mine.

  1. A good hot bath.  When I was a kid, on a very cold day, my body learned the bliss of total physical pleasure.  All from a simple tub of hot water.  I have spent the rest of my life following that bliss.
  2. Passing someone in the car on the highway.  There is a sweet sense of power that can only be achieved by pressing the pedal to the floor.
  3. Sneezing.  I know some people don’t appreciate the loss of control inherent in the involuntary clearing of the nasal passages, but it is the closest thing to an orgasm for a reason.
  4. Saying “I love you.” I do it as often as possible, to as many people as I can.  And I mean it every time.  Luckily, as a teacher, I have a captive audience.
  5. Collecting cards.  No matter how bleak the world of people and their politics gets, I can always picture my current cardboard obsessions in my mind and turn the corners of my mouth upward into a smile.
  6. Telling a good story.  My life is like a scene from Pulp Fiction, quite often.  I really enjoy the memories that my days have created… especially when I get to share them with new friends.
  7. Crying at a scene from a favorite film that I have already seen at least sixty times.  It just happened again last night with Love Actually, actually.
  8. Laughing until we cannot breathe.  Nina is really good at this.  Sometimes she causes it, and sometimes she gets swept up in it.  Last week we did it during a hockey party, with everyone in the house doubled up in knots on the floor, and we all missed a penalty shot!  Good times.
  9. Getting home from work and shedding the clothes.  A sense of relief and freedom that happens Monday through Friday.
  10. Watching the ospreys fishing in the lake.  Birds of prey are simply amazing creatures.
  11. Realizing how insanely detailed the human organism is.  Imagine trying to build a machine that could decide to reach into your pocket and feel around for a specific object, and then pull it out without anyone seeing you do it.
  12. Paying bills online.  Of course that is predicated on having enough money to pay them.  Lately we have been just barely making it, but it feels real good when I have everything covered.
  13. Comments on the blog!  It may be a bit impersonal, but that does not detract from the fact that there is one big community out there sharing lives with each other.  And that includes you and me.  I love you.  Thanks for stopping by.

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66 responses to “Thursday Thirteen: Simple Pleasures.

  1. I LOVE baths! Taking a bath can be a fine art.

    My Edition #7 is up!

    My Thirteen Favorite Christmas Things

    Drop by and I’ll return the favor. Let’s
    share a nice cup of hot chocolate and some
    great blogs this holiday season!



  2. I need this list. I need to EXPERIENCE this list!

  3. I so agree with you on #8. I wish it happened more often.

  4. I love you too. A wonderful, well thought out post. Very entertaining as well. Loved the picture, but feel bad for the fish. I’m a big softy I know. Have a great TT. 🙂

  5. #12 rules! Great list. I wish I had time for #1!

    The Pink Flamingo

  6. Very thoughtful list. I am always facsinated with birds too. Making new friends online and being part of “the group” is a very nice thing, it does feel good. But my pick is the human machine. INCREDIBLE! Thanks for sharing your simple pleasures.

  7. 🙂 I love me a good hot bath, and passing cars on the highway.


  8. A nice hot bath, with some music playing, and a cup of hot chocolate sounds great about now. Great list!

  9. i agree with 1. 2 made me laugh. i enjoy 13 as well. it constantly surprises me when someone comments as i never expect anyone to. happy TT. 🙂

  10. I think I am the only realmer on this entry :p

    Nice. You know we all love you too stu.

    3 and 13 are too true.

  11. What a beautiful list. Thanks for turning my thoughts to the ordinary magic of the day!

  12. I’m so with you on #1. A hot bath makes the whole world a better place…at least until the water gets cold.

    I dont get much pleasure out of sneezing though…I never know when it might make my arms go numb.

    #9 is also a pleasure of mine. Kicking off those shoes first thing makes me feel SOOOO much better.

    And I too love the comments. Don’t get nearly enough of them though. -pout-

  13. I love all of them. Including you. And #13.

    Come post?

  14. We are on the same page on many things on this list. Of course I used to love peeling off the work clothes and just sit in my living room (when not expecting company) au naturale. But the kids moved back in so no more of that.

    Well it’s TT #60 for me this week. 13 Things I Want For Christmas But Will Never Get!

    Stop by and add something to the list!

  15. marnini

    I love passing people on the highway and wondering what their life’s consist of. And then I wonder if they look at me and think the same thing:)

  16. Wonderful list! Sometimes we aim for such big things that we forget that much joy can be found in the simple things in life. :o)

  17. I love #13. It may not always be personal. But I live in the utter boonies and sometimes it’s my only connection to the outside world. 🙂 I need that.

    My T13 post is up, come check it out if you get a chance. 🙂

  18. And almost all of these things are free! Great list. Happy TT.

  19. Rae

    Great list nothing has ahhhhh yes like a nice hot bath I can stay in there for hrs Happy TT & Happy TT

  20. I can’t help loving a list that identifies sneezing as one of life’s simple pleasures!

  21. Lovely list… hot baths, laughing, comments at the blog… I’m so with you on all that 🙂

  22. Love your list — #8 is my favorite! There’s nothing like full-body laughter … seriously! Then #s 10 and 13 are tied for second place. I do enjoy watching birds fly and reading comments others leave on my Blogs.
    Hugs and blessings,

  23. How kind you are for your last words. Interesting list:>

  24. Love your list, and thank you… it means more than you know.

  25. villagepig

    What a turn of phrase 😉

    Somehow that made me feel all warm and squishy…

    Pray do tell more!


  26. My husband loves passing people on the highway. Since we go the speed limit at all times, it’s a rare pleasure for him but he loves it.

    I love comments too! Thanks for yours today…we have similar lists, I think.

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  28. I think I need a good hot bath about now! You are right, the comments we receive on our blogs encourage us every day to continue to keep up our blogs and they connect us with people all over the world. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  29. Great list of simple pleasures. 🙂 I love getting comments. 🙂

  30. Yes! It’s always wonderful to celebrate the simple pleasures. A wonderful list.

  31. Great TT! Most people wouldn’t appreciate collecting cards as a simple pleasure. As a gamer, my gaming obsession doesn’t just stop with video games. I love TCGs as well. I have tons of MtG cards. And now with the advent of digital TCGs, I can “collect” cards that won’t get ruined. They aren’t the same though since you don’t have the gratification of being able to hold them in your hands and admire them.

    My TT is up at

  32. Mar

    I haven’t had a bath in ages…your list reminded me of that. I love “Love actually”! and loved your list, nobody has told me “I love you” in a blog ::sigh::, what a wonderful feeling!!!

  33. This is a wonderful list, especially # 4, 7, 8, and 12. Thanks for sharing and have a happy TT.

  34. I like it when I get all the bills paid and I like that I can pay them online at the very last second… because sometimes there’s no other way I’d get to pay them.

    This is a great blog and I love your header graphic. I’ll be back.

  35. What a great list! I have actually been working on a TH13 list of movie moments that make me cry no matter how many times I’ve seen it! LOL I am ashamed to say I haven’t seen Love, Actually. I may have to add that to my Netfliz queue.

    Thanks for dropping by my place! I”ll definitely be back to poke around yours.

  36. i love comments…i just wish i had more time to make them and answer them.

  37. Online bill pay is fabulous! Unless it screws up, which it did once. Very ugly, bank had to pay all of my late fees. But they did and that was cool, too.

    And, since you are sooo appreciative of comments, how could I not leave one!

    Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be back soon!

  38. Very nice. And while I prefer the shower over the bath due to my tendency to not fit in any tub I come across(slightly above average height, and yet the darn things are just too small), I can appreciate the idea of one.
    I love sneezing. and laughing, and telling stories. And Osprey’s with large fish dangling from their feet are also very awe inspiring. Thank you!

  39. vixensden

    Every single one of those is absolutely awesome. I could just copy and paste this and it would be mine (except card collecting, for which I would substitue crochet). Great list.

    Happy TT

  40. What a good and thoughtful list!

  41. What an amazing list! You are so thoughtful. I think just being thoughtful and aware of the things you enjoy is so important.

  42. I sometimes reverse #9… but the effect is till the same: pure pleasure!

  43. Excellent TT! I did a similar list a LONG time ago including things like “Being the first person to notice and mention that a bus or train is coming when you’re waiting for it” and “Putting on sweater fresh from the dryer after laundry on a cold day”…

    It’s the littler pleasures that TRULY make life amazing every day!

  44. Thanks for visiting!
    Now, why do you have a pig in an airport would be the question… 🙂 LOL!
    This was a wonderful TT and I love your simple pleasures!! I agree!
    Especially passing someone in the car.. it’s a sick pleasure.. but a great one 🙂

  45. These are some very good choices. Although I no longer collect trading cards, I still have most of the ones from when I was a kid.

    As for shedding clothes after work, I can’t wait to do just that. I may even indulge in another one of my simple pleasures… a nice little nap.

  46. I agree with everything on your list!! (I’m glad to know that I’m not thew only one that gets a weird pleasure from passing cars on the freeway or that free feeling a sneeze gives you! Awesome!

  47. I’m so happy to contribute to one of your simple pleasures. What a wonderful list!

  48. #9 – that is so me… Sometimes I don’t even stop to shut the front door – there’s just something about changing the clothes that allows me to relax better.

    And I’m jealous on the #1 – I rent, so needless to say taking a bath would NOT be relaxing, it would be kinda icky…

    Happy TT 😛

  49. Totally love this list and agree with so many. The baths, laughing until crying, I Love You, passing someone in the car are all great but my favorite is comments on the blog. Squee! Who doesn’t love to know someone out there is reading and agree or even disagreeing. On that vein, thanks for stopping by my site!

  50. Rian, first time here, enjoying myself a lot. I love the sensory detail in your TT. You’re a good writer, drawing us in like that! I’m really struck by what a warm, creative person you seem to be. Thanks for stopping by 2nd cup, and I’m still trying to figure out what you meant about the pickle in the stable!

  51. Oooo, a nice hot bath. I could use one of those.

  52. Did I just accidentally comment on last week’s TT13? Weird. No worries. ::grin::

  53. I love comments, too. I’m quite addicted to them, actually. But missing a penalty shot? The horror. The horror!!! (I hope you didn’t miss a great goal!)

    The osprey is very cool. I saw a hawk of some sort sitting on a sign at the preschool I sent my kids to; that was VERY cool. Wish I’d had my camera with me, in fact!

    Happy TT!

  54. I love YOU Stu. Even more now that I know we have 4, 5, 8, 13, and ESPECIALLY 9 in common.

  55. Really trading cards? That strikes me as very cool. I think it’s lovely that you are able to enjoy this life.

    It says a lot about you.

    Happy TT! 🙂

  56. Great list. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my TT!

  57. This is a great list! I appreciate a good sneeze as well as a long, hot bath. BTW, I am also a teacher. And your picture is awesome!

  58. I love #8!!! So much fun 🙂

  59. #4 is particularly touching in terms of our classrooms – I have high schoolers and they get a little wiggly when I say it (so I usually make a stupid swoony face to break the tension), but they know I do mean it. It feels good 🙂

    Thanks for coming by my list & sharing the bad love.

    be well

  60. K.

    What a fabulous list. I could happily swap this out for my Christmas wish list, I think.

  61. i love sitting on the porch and watching my chickens after i feed up in the afternoon. it’s my one chance to just breathe somedays and i treasure that time!
    wonderful thoughtful list…thank you for sharing it.
    happy tt!

  62. Great list. One of my simple pleasures is silliness. I totally agree with you on #9 and #13.

    Happy TT!

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