Forty Third Question of the Day.


It’s Friday, I have the flu, and I hate that card.  If it weren’t for the fabulous week we just had together, including the amazing response to yesterday’s T13 and the Sea Creature contests, I would feel yucky.

Any good home remedies to help me get all better?


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8 responses to “Forty Third Question of the Day.

  1. Hot water, whisky (an actual whisky though, not JD), lemon and honey. Not really a home remedy, but there is a reason why its a classic.

    Lots and lots of TV!

  2. Relish in the thought that in the near future, you’ll work out a way to beat that darn card!

  3. Add Ultimate Nullifier, One Way Trip to your deck. When you get to turn 5, just negate the effect with a hidden 1-drop or something.

    Or, if you want something else, what about just having some effects that you need to discard lots of cards and when you get all your Ponies back, then you can either recruit again or just discard them to good effects.

    Or you can just cry for an hour or two. That usually helps me.

  4. Chicken soup!!! Home made and lots of it! Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Hello! Excellent Thursday Thirteen, still getting over how many comments there were! And thanks for posting the beautiful picture of the Osprey.

    Right, down to serious stuff:

    Feel good with alcohol – I agree with Poppy the Cat, Whiskey and hot lemon works like a charm.

    Feel good without alcohol, or when you have had too many of the above – hot lemon with cinnamon, the cinnamon does something good for you….not sure what but it works.

    Final touches – hot water bottle, home made soup!

    Feel better, bye for now!

  6. Thanks, everyone. Nina made a huge pot of homemade Chicken Soup, with Matzo balls. I invested in a fifth of quality single malt, and a handful of lemons. I told myself that Scarecrow does not scare me.

    And I celebrated all my friends on the interwebs.

    I feel much much better!

  7. SeventhSoldier

    Realize that, with as many cards as Injustice Gang will give you, there’s always the chance that your next army deck could kill them on turn 4. Build it, and watch their Scarecrow turn useless.

    Errr…as to the flu…sleep?

  8. “I told myself that Scarecrow does not scare me.”

    You keep telling yourself that! 😉

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