Cold Snap!


(An actual Upper Deck card, a one of a kind original sketch by someone named “Red”, featuring my favorite sport and my favorite villain together at last, from the Marvel Masterpieces 2007 set, way out of my price range at $300 on ebay.)

So my flu is gone in one day, thanks to all that chicken soup and warm whiskey!  And the windows are wide open for the winter weather… it is dropping to a chilly 50 degrees tonight in Miami.  I feel great, even though I have no money for presents this year.  This is the time I love being, and being married to, an artist.  We get to spend the next ten days making Christmas gifts out of paint and love.  I’ll make sure I take some pictures, it’s really starting to feel like the holidays around here.


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3 responses to “Cold Snap!

  1. cchug2001

    Hey Rian! You know, trying to T9 a comment is a real pain… but at least my cell has no filters (just don’t expect this scumbag to T9 any decklists…painful!)

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Hope it was Irish whiskey that did the trick. Best of holiday wishes to you, Nina and the family!

  2. Much love back to you and yours, my dear friend. I am so glad you finally got here! It was Irish, and you are no longer a scumbag. What a great day for the blog!

  3. I think you passed the flu-thing onto me through internet-majicks. Thankfully I have a couple of days off work anyways to get over it. 😛

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